Friday, July 25, 2008

BENTO #112

When #2 saw me preparing Tuna sandwich for her this morning, she exclaimed "I want those cute, cute faces too!" "Huh?, I reply". "You know, those Winnie the Pooh you make for #3!"

"But I don't know if it works for tuna sandwiches, I reply". Anyway, I tried and it wasn't too bad.

#3 brings bread spread with butter and Marmite to school. To humour her, I cut them out with the Winnie the Pooh sandwich cutter which I have. #2 has been eye-ing them but I don't use the cutter for her thinking that it's a little childish. Hahaha! The childishness in her has surfaced and 'cuteness' really does make a statement.

I baked some cup cakes yesterday so there is one in her Bento this morning, there is her regular dose of Vitamin C in the green Kiwi. In the other box lies Winnie the Pooh cut out tuna sandwiches, some sugar biscuits and another fruit and nut bar for after school. There is also a frozen grape fruit roll for treat.

Tomorrow morning I'm off to Curve to get my week's supply of Strawberries. *happiness*
Going to be a very busy weekend ahead, will update next week with more 'happenings'......!


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