Thursday, July 3, 2008


I went shopping for ideas and salads yesterday. I surfed the net for salad recipes. I went to the supermarket to buy salad related ingredients.

Hard boiled egg was a good option to fill the tummy and that's what #2 got for her Bento this morning. I sliced the hard boiled egg and laid it on a bed of mixed salad. I sprinkled some raisins all over and added her favorite plump cherry tomatoes. I tossed the salad with some extra virgin olive oil before I put them all into the Bento box.

In the other box, I filled a small container with some peanuts for her to snack on. In the silicon cup, I added some oven toasted croutons shaped in tulips, sakura flower and butterflies (all cut up using small vegetable cutters).

I skinned an orange for her and filled the small green tub with minimal amount Thousand Island salad cream. I'm sure today's box would be a substantial 'diet' meal, enough to last until lunch time.

Below, today's Bento box packed and ready to go!

#2 is really serious about her 'diet'. Yesterday, after school, she told me that she wanted to go swimming. Let me give you some history about this girl. #2 grew up with a very severe case of Sinusitis. When she was younger, she was a 'fragile' little girl. Sick in an instant and the Pediatrician was her best friend. She couldn't swim because it caused her Sinusitis to work up and she'd have trouble breathing. She hated exercise because it easily tired her.

Nevertheless, hubs and I journeyed with her through some terrible times of Sinus attacks and even bouts of misery. But, God is good! Her health has improved tremendously over the last couple of months because she's involved with a lot of dancing, and that means a lot of exercise and sweating. Her Sinus attacks has been reduced to minimal level and energy level has definitely doubled.

When she told me that she wanted to go swimming, I immediately took her shopping for a swimming costume at 1U. We managed to get a pretty orange two piece and two pairs of goggles. One for #3.

After that, I packed the both of them to the swimming pool and got #1 to fetch them much later. They had a great time although #2 said she had to look out for #3 all the time because she was all over the pool. #2 said she was worried about her sister, I was pleased to hear that she was looking out for her sister. It's just great that the two of them spent some 'bonding' time together. I'm happy!


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