Tuesday, September 11, 2007


This evening, I made Agedashitofu. This is my favourite Japanese tofu dish. I used to wonder how come this tofu had a layer of 'skin' - that was before I learnt to make this.

Apparently it's in the coating of katakuriko (starch flour). I used a block of silken tofu purchased from Jusco, wrapped it in a cloth and placed a flat metal bowl containing water on top of it to rid the water from the tofu.

After 20 mins, I cut the 'flattened' tofu into 12 'blocks' rolled it in katakuriko and deep fried it.

I made the sauce out of dashi, mirin and shoyu and heated to a boil. Take a look at the final product!

(Actually should have topped it with grated daikon but used it all up yesterday in the miso soup).

Bento #24

The 'evergreen' sushi! I prepared all the ingredients yesterday and rolled sushi for the bento this morning.

From front to back: Sakura denbu, Kyuri, pickled daikon, crabstick, tamagoyaki, simmered kampyo and ebiko, all laid on top of sushi rice and vegetables.

In the past, I try to sneak in more vegetables into their sushi and I think they have through habit, 'acquired' the taste for it. I don't get anymore complaints when their sushi or sandwiches are loaded with salad or other greens, so it's a good thing to pack food! Three cheers for Bento!


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