Friday, May 15, 2009

Bento 222

There will be scarce bento posts this month because #2's exams which began this week continues for another two weeks till the end of the month. That means I get to sleep in for another half an hour which is a treat! She packs her own snacks which is mainly fruits.

Today, #2 has to rush from school to tuition and has no time to stop and eat anywhere. I packed her a Bento!

I bought a Rye bread from a nearby bakery.

Sliced the rye bread and dressed it with some onion alfalfa, sliced cherry tomatoes and fresh button mushrooms.

Topped one slice with some tuna mayo.

Selected a suitable food pick to hold the sandwich together.

Viola! Complete bento!

Left top box has some 'pillow biscuits' in the square silicon cup. Packed a sliced Kiwi on the other side of the box.

Right bottom box has three quarters of the prepared tuna mayo sandwich and some store bought treat.


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