Monday, November 5, 2007

Hari Raya cuppy cakes!

Daughter #1 made these for my neighbours Hari Raya open house yesterday. Notice the 'ketupat' and Mosque designs. I wasn't home when she did the icing and I was quite impressed that she was able to handle all these by herself.

She even had a 'beach' scene - the one topped with an umbrella. Cool!

Rose, Rose, I love you - the musical!

I was awed with the musical "Rose, Rose, I love you". This is what my eldest daughter wrote in her blog.


"Now, about Rose Rose I love you.
Definitely worth the watch!
No regrets! =)
If you have the time, PLEASE GO AND WATCH IT OKAY!

You have to understand abit of Cantonese though. =)
But definitely worth watching! =)

This musical was inspired by the former Cabaret Queen of Malaysia, Rose Chan.
The crew and cast hopes that this homage does Rose Chan justice.
I think it definitely did her all the justice, because then you understand why she actually went into this whole "strip dancing business".

The ultimate, and cutest part of this entire musical were the "stilletos", consisting of this three girls (Angie, Colleen and Anrie) who also performed with Lit in Girls Just wanna Have Fun in 2006 @ Bangsar Actors Studio.
Carmen Soo who played "Ah Xuan" referred to the Stilletos as the three aunties who shared ONE brain. hehehe. It was really funny. Plus, they were named Ah yat, Ah yee, Ah sam!

Okay. Here's the highlight. They all can sing.
What am i saying?!? It's a musical. Stupid me.

The way they distracted you and changed the set? cool-ness. hehe.
the set really brings you back to the era of big bling lights. =) *chik chak*

Thanks to Aunty Winnie's daughter (Yim Mei Choo) who was the scriptwriter of this musical, we got to take a few pics with Tin Tan (Rose Chan) and Soon Yoon ("Lau Pan" - read in Hokkien) after the musical. =)

There was this singer, Zalina Lee who had an amazing voice.
Amazing and literally to die for. Loved it! POWER!

Like a Virgin, Material Girl, Black eyed Peas, Pussycat Dolls, Beautiful Girls (Sean Kingston) and I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor) Rose, Rose I Love You (Yao Lee) done in both Mandarin and English.

Dates: 2nd-4th & 9th-11th Nov 2007
Time: 8.30pm
Venue: Genting International Showroom
Tickets: RM68, RM88 & RM118
* 10% off for Astro subscribers
* 15% off for Genting WorldCard members

For tickets, call 03-2718 1118

Who is Rose?

little boys sneaked in to watch her
grown men fought to have a feel of her
today old men reminisce at the mere mention of her name
and young men wonder about her claim to fame

women young and old are still amazed
gawking at her beauty, appeal and grace
wishing ever so secretly for her style and sensuousness
a charm so irresistable, a love so venomous
she is the flower of Malaya

she is the rose that grows and lingers in the minds of
those who remember
the forbidden dance perfected by her

Penny (Music Director) was telling us after the show that they had to use
approximately 6o mics! 40 wireless ones and 20 more for the live ensemble. wow..

And the props? Amazing.
Costumes for the two main casts were specially done up by Melinda Looi. =)

If this interests you, there's one stripping scene. Pole dancing included.
Go see for yourself.

Three cheers to IE for this wonderful and memorable production.
Shit. I wanna go watch again next week. =s

There was actually alot to learn from this musical.
"Food can simply eat. Words cannot simply say."
"I don't believe in luck. If you want something, you have to work for it."

The musical ended at 11 plus.
We went down to Gohtong Jaya to have dinner/supper.
Nice yummy food!"

Reached home about 2am!
Next day supposed to go sing for wedding in the morning. =_='

Just to add to my daughter's post, the musical was a blast with lots of jokes and laughs! The musical was well choreographed.

The only set back was the entire "Genting" environment. It was full of sound pollution, light pollution and air pollution. It was so horrible that I had to down two Panadols to curb a persisting headache! I'm certain that I'm not going back there anytime soon!!


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