Wednesday, July 16, 2008

BENTO #106

This morning's bento was easy. I made preparations last night by boiling the Cha Soba and dipping sauce. All I needed to do this morning was to dish them into the Bento box.

In the left box are twirls of Cha Soba and a box of frozen dipping sauce. In the yellow container, there is sesame seeds to compliment the Cha Soba. The sauce bottle is for the Gyoza.

In the right box, are two pieces of Gyoza and some salad tossed in Parmesan cheese. Simple!

The kids like "Mamee monster" and I bought a pack yesterday. I don't like them dipping their (dirty) fingers into the packet and putting the noodle bits into their mouth. I filled the triangle "formula containers" with crushed "Mamee monster" so that they can dispense shots of it into their mouth without touching with their fingers.

I added a pack of Ice substitute to keep the Cha Soba cool because my kids won't eat it warm! Tsk! Tsk!

To maintain the coolness of the ice substitute, I also used an insulated furoshiki.

Ready to go!


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