Tuesday, July 1, 2008


When I was planning #2's box yesterday, we agreed on Mac & Cheese. This morning when she came downstairs, she said that she wanted her Mac & Cheese hot. How in the world was I going to keep the Mac & Cheese hot other than using a flask and for a 9 year old it could get tricky to have to wrestle with the screw top of the different layers. After much haggling, we decided on Chipsmore chocolate chip cookies and a bar of Cloud 9 (courtesy of Grandma).

I didn't think it constituted a "Bento" so I didn't take a picture to post in my blog. #3 pouted the whole morning and felt unhappy. I explained to her that if she didn't start eating more varieties of food then I was not going to post about her "Bento" because basically it isn't one!

One could hear pin drop SILENCE in the car the whole way to school.

When I went to fetch #2 yesterday from school. The first thing she responded after I asked if she finished her food was that she wanted more of those 'delicious, juicy sausages'.

Every night before I go to sleep, I would sit at the dining table with my green file and start planning the next morning's Bento box content. I would first write out the different types of food I planned to prepare the next morning, etc. I would then draw out the two layer box and roughly draw or write out the content in its sections. For example, for the top layer box, I would draw a divider to half the box, write the name of the food item on one side and another food item on the other side.

I would only decide on the size of the silicon cups on the morning itself because I had to have a gauge of the quantity. Obviously, what I plan to pack has to be in stock.

Late last night when I got home, I checked my green file to make sure I had everything in order, I saw this message scribbled on some empty space.
"Mum, I want breakfast too, please. Thank you. #1".
It's obviously the sausages!!!!

This is #2's Bento box for today. Her daddy is taking her to the dentist at 11.30a.m. That means she has to leave early today. I half expected her to tell me that she didn't need a box but that obviously didn't happen.

In the left lower box, are strawberries again (she loves them). Some more sausages, cut and skewered for easy eating. In the right upper box is a simple supply of crisp bread and a wedge of Happy cow Salmon cheese. I fried some French beans with prawns for a change.

Look at the Close-Up!

Viola! Another day! Another Bento!!


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