Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bento 241

It's a wonderful, fulfilling emotion to be able to pack bento again! I have begun planning and clearing my freezer for future stock purchases. I've always been passionate about packing bento despite the time and commitment constraints.

I'm just too happy that #2 still wants her food packed even though she's already off to college.
#2 obtained a one year full scholarship of her choice from HELP University College under its annual School Achiever Scholarships Awards (SASA). Orientation was yesterday and today classes begin.
There is music in the air, everywhere! There are University auditions, competitions, multiple choir practices, camps, music exams, college exams and the entire works for another busy year ahead.

For energy and passion, surely there must be bento! LOL!
This morning I packed two mini Laugen sandwiches stuffed with tuna mayo. There was some leftover teriyaki chikuwa from last night's dinner. It's quite delicious and simple to cook. Just toss the sliced chikuwa into some oil in a pan and fry lightly. Then add some mirin, sake, shoyu and sugar, cook down the sauce till it gets a little sticky. Yummy!

I blanched some peas and mixed them with some corn and salad cream. Simple and delicious.


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