Tuesday, July 22, 2008

BENTO #109

I made inari sushi tofu pockets on Saturday and left four pieces out of the freezer for use this week. The tofu pockets were basically filled with the same filling that Maki of Just Hunger recommended for "low calorie high fibre inarisushi (zushi) with hiziki".

It's amazing how people who are health conscious tend to create and re-invent ideas and recipes to achieve their own expectations of a healthy eating lifestyle. I cook hijiki quite often and last year when I had a party, I too mixed the hijiki and sushi rice mixture and stuffed them into the inari sushi tofu pockets. It was a hit! But, that was the only one time I used that recipe because, eventually, I forgot about it!

I was pleasantly surprised when I read the post by Maki and it reminded me of the one time I made the same thing. Of course then, I didn't think of it being low calorie and high fibre but more of using up the balance of Hijiki and sushi rice.

One thing I learnt from that post is that you can also add Hijiki to Tamagoyaki. I haven't tried that and I'll do so before my stock of Hijiki finishes. It'll be interesting to taste the Hijiki and Tamagoyaki.

This morning's Bento is free and easy. I stuffed the Inari sushi tofu pockets with Hijiki and sushi rice. Had a bit of blanched carrots and kyuri. Two pieces of "train shape" watermelon and some left over 'Tempe" from yesterday's experimental cooking. The fruit and nut bar was brought back by Hubs from his Aussie trip.


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