Monday, June 9, 2008


#2 attended the The 6th Young Singers Choral Festival organized by Young Choral Academy at KLPac for 4 days ending on Saturday. After the first day, #2 insisted that I pack her food for the next 3 days because the food was , *in her own words Uggggghhhh!!!!*

She asked for Onigiri and sandwiches. I had to be up by 6am every morning (it was the holidays!@#$%&!) pack her food and then send her to her friend's house where she'd hitch a ride down to Sentul (thank God for that).

She had a great time learning new songs and techniques. She learnt to sing some songs in 4 different languages and participated in interesting workshops. She made some new friends and renewed some old friendships. She got selected to sing in the front row of the Choir - when I heard that I was more excited than she was, because she only told me about that last night after dinner and said she'd forgotten to tell me earlier! Sigh!! I'm humbled that she's so humble!!???

Anyway, I'm glad I allowed her to participate in this Choral Fest. I hear that this may be the last (because of poor participation), which is such a pity because there is so much raw talent out there that can benefit from some of the local, well organized musical professionals in the system.

It's back to school! So Bento days are here again!
I packed some Salmon mayo into the tiny blue Hello Kitty tupperware and some Ritz biscuits in the top tier (right box,in the picture).

In the bottom tier (middle box, in the picture), there was corn, some longan in syrup (didn't pack the syrup) for dessert, and some crispy green peas for snack.

I added a Chocolate lollipop as a 'back to school treat'.


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