Sunday, July 12, 2009

Care eating Japanese noodles this way?

This morning before Mass, I met some friends (young adults). One of them was recounting my "sushi" sale last weekend for the fund raiser. He was relating to another friend about how a 'sushi machine' should be invented because he had witnessed #1 and I, "laboriously" rolling sushi from wee morning up to noon time.

Rolling over two hundred packs of sushi for sale over a five hour period and raising a four figure revenue is no easy feat. Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself and had a great time.

Out of curiosity, I Googled for "sushi maker" but more interestingly I found something else!!!

When I read this article about the Ramen Robot I was amazed! It's able to offer "40 million
different flavor permutations".

As though that wasn't an exciting read enough, I also read about the noodle water slide which is the cream of the cake for these 'noodle related' inventions!


I've seen the "Bamboo" water slides" in TV but this?? To eat somen this way is akin to eating marshmallows dipped in a chocolate fountain! Wowweeeee!!!!

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  • Slightly unravel boiled somen, and place them at the top of the rail by the waterwheel
  • Try to catch the noodles on their 140cm trip down! Don't worry, if you miss, there's a tray at the bottom to catch them for you


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