Friday, August 17, 2007

Bento #14

I think I need to improve my photography skills. Lately the photos are getting really 'cacat'.

Today's bento is really too Yellow!
On the left is Pita bread with butter and Strawberry Jam. Some Japanese biscuits.

On the right: I friend the balance of the leftover spaghetti with soy sauce, pepper and top up with fishcake, cabbage and egg.
Packed the bento into this polka dot bag. Added a pack of Japanese Strawberry biscuits and the very 'potent' Sabah chilli.

Japanese Language Festival 2007

My friend Alice is attached to the Japanese Language society of Malaysia, in KL. She sent me this invitation and informed me that there would be a Japanese Language Festival held on September 8th and 9th, 2007 at University of Malaya. There are short sessions of language workshops. There will also be Ikebana, Japanese foods for sale and lots of interesting Japanese culture to be exposed to.

For those who are interested to par
ticipate, please fill in the attached form and fax it back to JLSM or submit the application form by hand by 1st September 2007.
* Participants are limited to 300 persons only.

Please click on the top form for a larger view to see the program for the two days.
To register for the Japanese classes and workshops, please click
on the bottom left side form for a larger view.


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