Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blogging Hiatus

I'm busy as a bee till school re-opens, January 2009! Before I completely and officially (temporary) sink and disappear from blogger-world, I leave you with this -































FOR THE crazy people I work with

BECAUSE they make work interesting and fun!



Live well, Laugh often, & Love with all of your heart!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Christmas comes early!!

Today is #2's last day of exam! Fetched her and her debater friend Zaf from school and off to lunch. She annoyed me today with her eccentric conversation! Anyway they met the other debaters for dinner and a movie at the Curve. She called me to fetch her at 9.00p.m.

#1 had a long and stressful day at college and I invited her to shop at the Curve before fetching #2. While browsing, guess what I saw?

Scroll down!
some more!

Daiso is coming!!!!

I am so trilled!! I want to apply for a job with them!!! LOL!!

Looks like we West Malaysians are a blessed bunch! Don't need to go down south or to KK to buy a variety of Bento stuff anymore (hopefully)!

Everything sold @ 5 Ringgit. Awesome! I must contact them to request them to stock more Bento items! Yahoo!! So happy!!! Join me - YAHOOOOOO!!!!

Reality sets in......

scroll down


* Sad face*

*Have to wait*

Well look at the bright side, DAISO, IS becoming a reality soon!

Cheers again!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Extracted from #2's blog!

Yesterday we had mama’s 80th birthday party. OOooh. so tiring. :s but so fun! :) I’ll post up the pictures after exams. one of the few times that I really enjoyed performing – and surprisingly, I had not one bit of nervous-ness this time. LOL. usually I’d end up freaking out so much, to the extend of like shivering, and my voice shaking. =) yesterday was like “oh. okay. it’s over? wow.” lol. but it was fun. =) i love granny!

A homemaker, Granny taught us well
And showed us what to do
As strict, up-standing citizens.
She’s been our family’s glue.

She raised her children on her own,
So loving, strong and wise.
Small wonder that we look at her
With proud, adoring eyes.

Granny always kept our family unified,
We’re proud to be her descendants.

When we were small, she taught us girls
The way to fix a meal.
From list to store to kitchen, we
Learned how to make it real.

To make the perfect recipe
Takes discipline and skill.
In kitchens or in life, that’s true.
Granny always filled the bill.

And to that skill and discipline,
Add generosity,
For this warm-hearted woman is
As kind as she can be.

And that’s the metaphor for life
She taught her girls and boy –
Ye get from life just what you’ve earned,
The hard work, then the joy.

Granny was a looker, in her youth,
And she’s still quite a dish.
But what’s inside is lovely, too,
So here’s our birthday wish:

Eight lively decades have flown by
Since you began your life.
You’ve been the best of mothers and
A good and loving grandmother,

May all your years be joyful ones,
Now that the torch is passed.
You’ve earned your happy ending, and
You’ll never be out-classed!

We love you, Mama! Happy 80th birthday!

I’m so proud to have her as my granny! Although we may at times have our difference, she’s a real blessing and gem to us. =)

Friday, November 7, 2008

BENTO #148

#2 is sitting for 3 exam papers today, tomorrow is Saturday and the exam continues. Studying at 3.00a.m. seems like the norm. I'm fast asleep, I only notice her eye-bags and the increase sniffles (sinus attack) from lack of sleep.

Friday's lunch is normally fish. In the left Bento box is a slice of fried Norwegian Salmon cut into half length wise to take up minimal space in the box. There is a bed of salt blanched broccoli florets fried with garlic and topped with cheese. I added some Wonka Nerds for a treat. (actually to try to keep her awake)

In the right Bento box is some spaghetti aglio olio nests topped with some freshly ground black pepper and tomato ricotta cheese sauce.

Forgot to add the bottle of frozen orange juice when I took this picture.

Restlessness and nervousness!

I EAT when I'm restless or nervous. My stress meter is riding high and nervousness plague me, especially when it involves the affairs of the heart. This weekend marks the celebration of my mother's 80th birthday.

Food to feed my nerves

My 2 girls, hubs and I have been planning and working hard towards this event to make it another memorable event for mum and as the day grows closer I seem to suddenly remember that I've missed some one else from the invitation list or something for the occasion!! Thankfully, friends do not take offense and gracefully accept the last minute invitations *phew* otherwise I'd have a lot of explaining to do!

#1 & #2 hand made these invitation cards

Perhaps it's just that mum is so 'perfect' that makes me nervous this way. Don't get me wrong, we get along fine and our relationship 'rocks' most of the time, although when it does hit rock bottom we have this love-hate relationship which usually takes a day or two to heal!

It's just that it's difficult to keep up with her and she's so hard to measure up to! Hahaha! I'm spilling my heart here! Sometimes it's really difficult to please mum because she's independent, independent and too independent!

At 80, she's still scooting around in her car, travels alone where ever and when ever she feels like it, eats for the sheer love of food without having to think about cholesterol level or weight gain. At 80, she can still cook up a storm and makes absolutely delicious cookies and even meddles with new recipes! *awesomeness* At 80, she entertains herself with Tai Chi, mahjong, breakfasts with her 'kaki' (friends), goes to the hairdresser 3 times a week to keep herself pretty and makes new clothes once a month to refresh her wardrobe, uses Channel No 5 to keep herself smelling like a million dollars, takes short holidays and regularly attends Church to nourish her soul.

This awesome 'young lady' is friends with everyone! When my daughters and I began working on her birthday guest list, they asked if we should invite the lady from the market who sells vegetables, the fish monger and her family and the pork seller who is liken to an artist in his trade.

There was also the electrician and the plumber, the Doctor, the Tai Chi friends, the hairdresser, the mahjong 'kaki', the 'sin seh' from the medical hall up the road and the list just continued. We had a good laugh because that's what represents their grandmother. A friend to everyone!

This is a woman with a wealth of experience, recipes, stories and a heart full of LOVE (sometimes fiery too)! She's the first to call to wish us Happy Birthday, the first to give Ang Pow, always there at the first sight of trouble, the first to initiate a party to celebrate my daughters birthdays, completely unconditional and the list goes on......!!

So much to measure up to......*sigh*

We've planned a pleasant surprise for her and that's where the nerves come in. Will it be good enough? Will she enjoy what's been planned? So many questions *sweat, sweat*. Personally, I think she'll just enjoy whatever that has been planned, it's just me, I feel she deserves the BEST.... but nothing seems to be good enough.....

Thursday, November 6, 2008

BENTO #147

#2 didn't go back to school yesterday because she was exhausted! She was floating in and out of sleep at different times of the day. Woke up at 3.30a.m. to study Chemistry. I was told that one of her team mates didn't even sleep the whole night! Owwww....! In fact they were 'alarm clocks' waking each other up in the middle of the night/morning(????) to study. What desperation!! LOL!!

Today, exams began for six of her debate team mates. The seventh just finished PMR so the final exams doesn't affect her although her fair share of exam stress began earlier!

Yesterday, I asked her if she wanted a Bento for this morning but #2 declined. This morning on the way to school #2 decided she better opt for a lunch bento otherwise she'd be stuck with canteen food and she wasn't up to it as she only finishes at 4.00p.m.

So I prepared this for her lunch. In the left Bento box is rice with her favorite furikake and some chicken fried with red onions, fresh button mushrooms, shoyu and oyster sauce.
In the right Bento box are some sliced Kiwi fruit and a mixed salad with sliced cherry tomatoes and sesame seed dressing.

It feels good to be packing Bento for her again.
#2 sat for 4 exam papers today.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I got this SMS on my phone at noon today from #2!

"DJ is officially the national WIRA champions 2008! And the only school in Malaysia to have won the WIRA competition THREE times!!!!!!!!! Praise God!

Well done team! God is an awesome God!!


A mother's journey recapped:

I think it was around October 17th when #2 got a call from one of her friends on the debate team that their school was in the running (being Selangor runner's up) for the National Wira debate since the original Selangor champions had decided to drop out from the race for reasons that they were a form 5 team and SPM being round the corner.

My heart goes out to them because if my kid was in the same situation, it would be a predicament to decide and even if one wanted to go for it, it would not be enough because the WHOLE TEAM had to agree to go for it TOGETHER!

I took this off an ex-DJian's blog:

"The greatest of debaters are not only the most eloquent -- they are the most bruised, the most resilient, the strongest of heart".

And...so true it is! I know for a fact that this team worked very, very hard to get to where they are today. It wasn't only about writing speeches, discussing motions and running debating mocks. They've had their moments of joy, tears, unhappiness, friction, frustrations and a roller coaster of emotions.

Working in a team is a most wonderful experience once the rough edges have been polished but getting there with a team of intelligent, independent, loud (sorry ah!), opinionated, eloquent and individual characters is quite another story. (Their team made up of six from Form 4 and one from Form 3, eventually three debated while four others worked hard together on the motions)

#2's previous school, BU4 had helped mould her but after her PMR results she requested to be transfered to a school with sub-science streams because she already set her heart on doing music as a career and she wasn't ready to slog through the pure sciences.

It was not by chance that we chose DJ and I can proudly declare that transferring #2 to this school has been a great blessing!

For #2, it was a dream come true to be part of DJ's prestigious debate team because she had just got into this school January 2008. I still remember when she came back one day after school and told me that she was asked to take part in an inter-class debate activity in the early part of this year.

She came home and started preparing her fist attempt, vigorously 'attacking' dictionaries and cyberspace for information! That moment forth brought the beginning of an amazing journey of friendship, commitment, triumph and defeat.

She was then invited to join the school's debate society which eventually led her being part of the winning team of this year's WIRA national debate. I have seen her and her team slog long, long hours working towards every single competition.

My heart cringed as she continued the long hours into the wee night at the computer doing more research and writing more speeches. All I could offer was words of encouragement, more food and hugs for this child of mine who never ever sleeps later that 10.00p.m. and all because of a commitment to her team and their goal. She's still at it even after I leave my computer at past 1.00a.m.! *sigh*

At 5.00a.m. in the morning the hair dryer buzzes incessantly while she tries to catch up on her music practice on the piano. Then the vicious cycle begins again - rush to school and into the 'debate room' for more discussions, strategies, plans, practices, editing and every brain draining activity one can think of. This goes on up to 4.30p.m., oblivious to whatever that is happening in or around the school mind you.

When the debate team failed to clinch the state title, I think everyone was bruised - quote: "The greatest of debaters are not only the most eloquent -- they are the most bruised, the most resilient, the strongest of heart".
But they remained strong and best of friends.

When my husband heard of the defeat, his first words were: "Praise the Lord! Now you can go back to your life"! And so true...#2 had 'no life' literally, other than giving that 110% to the debate team and it's goals. I'm sure the six others in the team experienced the same.

It was back to hitting the books again! Home work to catch up on, projects to finish and disappointments with piles of unattended school related work assignments. (Walks around the house like a zombie reciting moral nilai).

All that said and relieved that things were back to routine again, suddenly there's news that the debate team has to decide if they want to take a shot at the Wira debate 2008, national trophy! The final exams were round the corner and when #2 asked me what she should do, I advised her to pray about it and decide herself. She came back with a positive and that I had to be ready for her to fore go the exams. Personally, I'm fine with her results, not outstanding but she's been consistently working - that's enough by my standards.

The vicious cycle began again, only worse than ever. Sleeps later than ever because discussions take place via MSN late into the nights and tight dateline submissions of speeches. Early mornings were dedicated to more editing and printing of speeches and transfers of soft copy into thumb drives. By now, my heart has a 'cold hollow feeling' one that is honed by insecurity of my child's well being and insane adrenaline drive of long late nights, deprived sleep and too early morning beginnings!

But I see her grow in determination, comradeship, understanding, emotional stability, time management and lots of positives! I am pacified and soothed. Thank you Lord!

I think lunch time is the only relaxing break for the seven of them, running around looking for decent eateries for a supply of 'nutritious' food to feed the brains. To keep the energy, they turn to sweets to keep awake. Then it's back to 'work' up to 4.30p.m.

My heart cringes again everyday when I fetch her from school. She looks exhausted and I'm sure her team is too. But her heart is on fire and the adrenaline is on the high and once back home it's straight to the computer again.

Music classes (her favorite) has to be adjusted and postponed, music practices has declined tremendously, music competition preparations also set aside, Violin classes postponed indefinitely, family dinners declined (please pack food for me), shopping sprees declined (no time), sleep deprived but Church activities carry on (but must finish on time).

To cut the story short, the seven of them with their dedicated teachers worked, worked and worked like there was no tomorrow.
Quoting my eldest daughter:

"What other schools did in months, they did in twelve days".

I believe one common contributory factor that brought them to victory was the power of prayer. All seven believers or non believers among them spent time together and alone praying to God. Many friends, families, former school mates from all over the world cheered them on while silently praying for this great victory.

When we declare we are praying, it does not make us Saints. We are not better than others or in a clique of elites. It is because we have failings and are weak that we pray so that we can draw strength and grace to live in the light and walk the right path.

Just to recap an old post:

"When I say "I am Catholic" I'm not shouting "I've been saved! "I'm whispering "I get lost - that's why I chose this way. "When I say "I am Catholic" I don't speak with human pride, I'm confessing that I stumble - needing God to be my Guide. When I say "I am Catholic" I'm not trying to be strong, I'm professing that I'm weak and pray for strength to carry on."

"When I say "I am Catholic" I'm not bragging of success, I'm admitting that I've failed and cannot ever pay the debt (The debt of Christ's death on the Cross). When I say "I am Catholic" I don't think I know it all, I submit to my confusion asking humbly to be taught. When I say "I am Catholic" I'm not claiming to be perfect, My flaws are far too visible, but God believes I'm worth it."

"When I say "I am Catholic" I still feel the sting of pain, I have my share of heartache which is why I seek His Name. When I say "I am Catholic" I do not wish to judge, I have no authority - I only know I am loved. "

Quotes from: World Youth Day, Sydney 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

Temporary Hiatus

Sorry for the lack of Bento posts. I'm busy with the arrangements for my mother's 80th birthday celebrations this weekend. We're having a big bash for her although this is not her "big birthday"! We celebrated that when she was 75 years old so this is just the 'ordinary' birthday bash! If you don't understand it's okay, it a Chinese cultural thingy and I'm also quite confused with it's traditions. Just follow what the 'aunty consultants' advice.

I haven't packed a bento for almost 2 weeks reason being #2 has been very busy preparing for the national debate competition with her school team. It's been a chaotic 2 week (stressful too!) since the school debate team were informed that the original Selangor state winners for the Wira debate pulled out of the run at the last minute leaving #2's school team (Selangor runner's up) to decide whether to go for it or not with 12 days to prepare for the nationals. Their preparations covers 4 motions, Government and opposition for 3 speakers which amount up to about 32 speeches in 12 days.

Being naturally competitive as they are, they obviously decided to sideline their final exams and set to compete for the national debate competition held in Kota Baru in Kelantan. #2 left for Kelantan last Saturday with her debate team and two teachers. There are sixteen competing schools in the national debate. Last I heard from her this morning, her school is in the semi-finals. The finals is taking place tomorrow morning if they win another round in the afternoon.

#2 returns home on Tuesday night and her team has to sit for 'belated exams' on Wednesday onwards. They will stay back at school up to the afternoon so that they can finish 4 papers a day. It's a stressful life to live but I am inspired by a quote that #2 put in her blog:

And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count,

rather the life in those years.

- Abraham Lincoln

I will be back to packing bento's when things stabilize. Meanwhile happy bento-ing to all out there!

Latest update on debate results: #2's school debate team is in the finals scheduled for tomorrow morning!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Away for camp!

Leaving for camp today and will be back next Tuesday. Check the You Tube funny videos I've linked for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chicken Katsu Donburi

Today's lunch, the evergreen chicken katsu donburi! #3 loves this dish and has it for dinner at least once a week. I find it too dry so I served today's meal with a bowl of soup and some baby bok choy.

A close up of the chicken katsu donburi with a drizzle of Bulldog sauce.

The Recipe:

Chicken Katsu Donburi

Chicken breast meat
Pepper and salt
Katakuriko (potato flour)
Panko (Japanese bread crumbs)

1. Pound the chicken with a meat mallet.
2. Dust pounded chicken with salt and pepper.
3. Prepare 3 plates to contain the panko, beaten egg and katakuriko.
4. Prepare a frying pan with some oil for frying.
5. Dip the marinated chicken first into the katakuriko and coat well, then dip into the beaten egg and finally into the panko.
6. Fry till brown and allow the oil to drip dry into some kitchen paper.
7. Slice accordingly and top with Tonkatsu sauce (tastes like Worcestershire sauce) a.k.a Bulldog sauce.
8. Top it into a bowl of steaming hot rice and viola you get a Donburi!

Bob apetite or should I say Itadakimasu! LOL!

The original recipe is called Tonkatsu which uses pork fillets. I've used chicken fillets as an alternative here.

Other related Donburi posts: Tri-color Donburi
Salmon steak Donburi

BENTO #146

I had fun putting together this morning's Bento! I reminiscence my childhood days when my parents used to take holidays with their best friends and families to Penang, Cameron Highlands and Port Dickson.

All these memories came back just because I remembered how one of the 'aunties' made the world's best egg and meat patties. This 'aunty', a friend of my mum was in charge of the kitchen while the rest of the friends and her spouse would be busy playing 'Mahjong'. Us kids (about 9 - 15 years old) were allocated chores during meal times and spent the rest of the day by the beach or gallivanting around nearby haunts.

Honestly, I detested meal time chores because I had to help in the cooking and cleaning up. But then again, all that experience has now become a skilled asset. For many years we holidayed together and my dad being a Government employee (those days called 'servants') had access to booking holiday bungalows owned by his employers.

The bungalows were well furnished and the kitchens were awesome. We looked forward to every holiday in the year because we always had a blast! Just imagine three families in two bungalows with about ten hyperactive and mischievous kids! If we weren't delegated chores, I think our faces would not have been visible until bedtime.

In the early years, I learnt to wash and clean and subsequently, my buddy Lisa and I could dish out breakfast and decent lunch meals by the time we were 15 years old! At that time, we thought that it was a HUGE MISTAKE to show off our culinary skills because after that she and I were put in charge of a whole week of breakfasts'.

Looking back, it was the best time of our lives and Lisa's mum was a great cook and every time we would cajole her into making her egg and meat patties. We were eventually taught to make them but some how ours never quite made the mark. Now the egg and meat patties seem quite ordinary and simple to make, yet, then, it was the most delicious and favorite dish of all time!

So, this morning when I made the egg and meat (the chicken soboro from yesterday's lunch) patties all these wonderful memories of our kiddy experiences in the kitchen came flooding back. The funny thing is, I now remember more of our kitchen experiment successes and failures than the vague 'adventures' we had by the beach and from sight seeing.

It's left me with a very happy feeling and a thought that, perhaps I should contact those 'surviving aunties' who once labored in the kitchens during our youthful holidays dishing out hot, delicious favorites to satisfy a group of boisterous youths!

This morning's Bento

In the left Bento box are some grapes and a mixed salad mixed with salad sauce and Parmesan cheese.

In the right Bento box is a wedge of cheese and the egg and meat patties! *dreams on*

Monday, October 20, 2008

Tri-color Donburi (Sanshoku Donburi)

Being a naturally lazy cook, having to cook an extra meal for lunch is not a very exciting thought! I normally avoid cooking lunch and manage to churn out dinner a few times a week in between eating out.

Since #2 insists on eating lunch at home, I have to cook. #2 doesn't like to eat fried rice unless it's Salmon and garlic fried rice so I have to resort to Donburi meals.

This afternoon, we had Tri-color Donburi, in Japanese - Sanshoku Donburi.

A delicious lunch of egg and chicken soboro and boiled lady fingers.

The recipe:

Tri-color Donburi (Sanshoku Donburi)

Steam 1 cup of rice

150 g ground chicken
A squeeze of ginger juice
1 1/2 tbs of soy sauce
2 tsp each of sugar and sake

2 eggs, lightly beaten
1 Tbsp sugar
pinch of salt

6 lady fingers or French beans

1. Mix ground chicken with ginger juice, soy sauce, sugar and sake.
2. Cook in a saucepan over medium heat until almost dry. Be careful of heat, do not scorch meat.
3. Mix the eggs with sugar and salt.
4. Cook in another saucepan over medium low fire. Stir egg mixture with four chopsticks to achieve fine crumbles.
5. Boil lady fingers or French beans in salted water till done.
6. When done, slice them diagonally.
7. Place the steaming hot rice in a serving bowl and arrange the chicken, egg and lady fingers.

Bon apetite!

Have you ever seen lady fingers this color? I was quite intrigued and bought some home to try. The seller claim to be from Janda Baik and selling organic vegetables. He said that once the lady fingers are cooked, they turn green!

True enough, if you look at the second picture from the top, it shows the cooked lady fingers in 'light green', the darker green ones are the original green lady fingers pictured below.

Original - green lady fingers.

Other Donburi recipe: Salmon Steak Donburi

BENTO #145

After a very hectic weekend, it's back to Bento-ing again! We're off to camp again this weekend and there's loads of planning and packing to do.

This morning was something light and a quick fix because I've been asked to cook lunch so that there is less downtime involved in our 'long lunches' outside. Usually I enjoy long lunches with my kids after school but it's exam period and #2 says she doesn't want to eat out! "Wastes less time" she says.

Today's Bento box on the left are rambutans de-seeded and filled with cherry tomatoes. In the right box is a tub of beef bolognese sauce to be eaten with the French beans and endamame beans.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Results for Handbag Planet contest!

There were 3 Malaysians out of 24 who won free handbags from Handbag Planet. Were you one of them?

Quickly check this out!

BENTO #144

I've been really busy lately, I foresee much more upcoming activities and deadlines to meet. End of the year is always a very busy time for me. I'm sorry if I've not been responding efficiently to your comments. I'm trying hard to post something daily but sometimes it just seems so impossible. I'm not giving up yet!

My daily Bento posts really depends on whether #2 goes to school. She's been on official study leave the last one week.

Today is Friday and usually, she has fish for Fridays! In the left Bento box is some cut Kiwi and Strawberries and two individually packed Japanese rice cracker.

In the right Bento box is some canned herb Salmon on a bed of Broccoli and Alfalfa sprouts. (a delicious combination!).

Thursday, October 16, 2008

BENTO #143

Hubs and I was away for an assignment yesterday to Seremban. We left in the morning and was to be scheduled back by night fall. Luckily #1 just finished her exams and she was off College thus she could fetch #3 back from school.

While running through the day's schedule with #1 and #2, I sheepishly proposed that they could either cook their own dinner or go over to my friend's house to eat.

Funny how they responded with such enthusiasm and glee at the prospect of having to cook their own dinner. They both started to plan their menu and I was involved in a conversation somewhat like this:

#1: I'll cook the spaghetti!
#2: I'll roast a chicken!
#1: Yeah! And you make your Caesar's salad too.
#2: So mum, how to roast the chicken ah?
Mum: You rub the chicken with pepper and salt, add butter, rosemary and lemon juice and roast it!
#2: Oh! Okay.
Mum: You sure you don't want to go over to Aunty T's house for dinner?
#1: Ah....see first.
Mum: Okay then, I'm off.

In the afternoon there was a barrage of phone calls querying for ingredients, methods, where food items were stocked and what was available in the refrigerator. I had taken half a chicken out of the freezer for them to roast and assumed that they would just simply follow my methods of cooking.

How was I to know that they were a little more inspired by this 'little adventure' to try out some varied recipes from my cook books and downloaded the roast chicken recipe.

Hubs and I had dinner in Seremban and when we were setting out to leave for home, #1 called to say that they had kept some dinner for us. I was looking forward to trying 'their' dinner.

When we got home, close to 10.30p.m. the food was on the dining table and #1 was waiting for us. The other two girls was in bed already. I opened the food covers and tried the roast chicken. Oh my goodness!! The roast chicken was absolutely delicious! Didn't taste like mine at all! #1 told me that they used the same ingredients as I did and added balsamic vinegar and it tasted awesome! I went on to taste the Fettuccine with fresh tomato sauce. The Fettuccine was a little under done but had a lovely aroma of garlic, basil and fresh tomatoes minus the salt and pepper!

"Oh! That's what was missing said #1, salt and pepper wasn't in the recipe". My jaw drops and we had a good laugh.

She then took the Caesar's salad out from the fridge and it was delicious. #2 has always been able to make a 'killer salad'! Hubs and I was quite surprised and certainly proud at the turn out of their 'experimental cooking'. From what I heard from #1, they had a great time trying to figure out the various herbs and cooking methods and I'm very happy to see that they are able to work together and enjoy it as well!

Fettuccine with fresh tomato sauce.

Last night's dinner - home made by #1 & #2!
Clockwise from top: Fettuccine with fresh tomato sauce, Apple juice with apple cubes,
Caesar's salad, fried nuggets for #3 and roasted rosemary balsamic chicken!

I've not packed a Bento for one week already. When I got back late last night, all I thought of was my bed and I knocked off at 11.30p.m. which was pretty early by my standards. Obviously there was no planning of this morning's Bento, but I did purposely leave some of their dinner for this morning.

In the left box is the Fettuccine with fresh tomato sauce topped with last bit of the delicious roast chicken. I sliced some cucumbers and carrots for vegetables.

In the right box is a mixture of strawberries, grapes, kiwi and orange for fruits.

edited this post with pictures taken from #1.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Everything you need to know about MISO!

Image downloaded from Google image

This is a very educational article on MISO. There is information about the various types of Miso and it's uses, it's storage and cooking methods. There are even some simple recipes.


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Win a free handbag from Handbag Planet!

I've been so busy the last week even though I've not been required to pack Bentos! #2 is officially on study leave from school because of the PMR examinations.

Currently #1 is having her exams and #3 started her final year end exams today. #2 only goes back to school on Thursday. Normally exams are not a big thing in this household but this time round we're also planning and organizing my mum's 80th birthday so it's a little chaotic!

My two elder girls are a great help and are involved in planning the guests list, invitation cards, the menu, entertainment, the birthday cake and a whole load of customary guidelines to follow. Even #3 is excited because she gets to belt out a popular ABBA number from the latest movie favorite Mamma Mia.

Thus, when H sent me an e-mail for a chance to win a free handbag from Handbag Planet, I was surprised and at the same time delighted! Thank you H! All I had to do was to provide my name and e-mail address. Cool!
When I entered for a chance at the competition, I was randomly assigned this particular model. Handbag Planet allows the participant to select a different design bag but I didn't exercise that option because I like this one very much. Simple, classic lines - suits me perfectly!

There are no strings attached and it's a great opportunity for you to get a free handbag!! Why don't you treat yourself for a chance to win a handbag? You never know!! Good luck!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

BENTO #142

This morning's Bento was "Lui Cha" left overs again! #2 absolutely loves "Lui Cha" - this is the last batch and she's asked me to cook some more! I think I'll give it a pass for the time being because she's been eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and still lovin it). This is a meal which you either love or detest - in her case it's love at first 'bite'!

In today's Bento box are slices of orange, a bed of alfalfa sprouts doused with some salad cream dressing and some Turkey chunks.

This is the balance "Lui Cha" ingredients of rice, French beans, pickled veggies (Choy Poh), Long beans and peanuts.

A friend passed some free tickets to us for the Westphalian Chamber Youth Orchestra and the Young Westphalian Baroque Ensemble performing tonight at the Securities Commission. Acclaimed to produce some delightful sounds, I'm looking forward to listening to them!

Monday, October 6, 2008

This is NOT Bento!

I had another "Lui Cha" party over the weekend. This time the "Lui Cha" stock was even more delicious because I had this brain wave to use "Ikan billis stock" instead of plain old hot water!

My guests were raving about the entire meal and even the critique among them complimented on the the marked improvement of the soup and asked for the recipe. As it is in it's original form using hot water, the soup was good but with the flavored stock, the soup was richer and sweeter!

I had this for my lunch today. No Bento either because #2 didn't go to school today.

In the bottom of the bowl is some garlic rice topped with a mixture of vegetables, peanuts and pickled vegetables. Visually pretty and a deliciously healthy meal mixed together! Yummy!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

BENTO #141 - Can't wait to come back!

Been spending some time with the kids but been missing bento-ing too!!!

We're busy preparing another 'Lui Cha' party for lunch tomorrow so it's 'cut, cut, cut and cut'. There is about 13 or 14 types of vegetables plus taufoo, pickled vegetables and nuts in total.

Luckily I managed to get extra help and the girls are busy with other plans. Instead to preparing the 'standard' lunch, I made them Bento's!

These are the three Bento's I made for them. It's quite obvious which one belongs to the youngest girl!

A closer look at #1's Bento. Macaroni and tuna melt topped with Parmesan cheese. A mixed salad with Thousand Island dressing, some orange slices, carrot and kyuri sticks and a California roll.

#2 got the same content in a different Bento box.

#3 had an extra "Special-order hand roll" (hers only has Sakura denbu and Kewpie mayo).

Easy peasy Bentos!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Can't stay away! Had a little "Bento party" @ home!

My 9 year old daughter had friends over for a day. I made bentos for them for lunch and it was a blast! Her friends has not been exposed to bentos before and were trilled with the array of food.

There was a mix of pizza cut into heart and fish shapes. Some broccoli florets topped with Japanese Kewpie mayo and Parmesan cheese, tuna sandwiches, nuggets, spaghetti Alio Oglio, orange bits and a chocolate for treat.

*Trying to stay away from the computer to carry out some 'motherly' responsibilities! Sorry, won't be responding to your comments till next week!*

Monday, September 29, 2008

Taking a Bento break!

It's holidays this week! Bento Pet is taking a break from Bentos! Spending some quality time with the kids!

Will be back next week (6th October, 2008). Cheerio!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

BENTO #140

A quick bento for tea before another run to the music school!
Clockwise: A silicon cup full of chopped up salad doused in Olive oil and some Balsamic vinegar, a yellow Kiwi, a freshly ripened date and a tomato.

I bought some mini cinnamon rolls from Cinnabon and I added it into the Bento box. There is another cherry tomato and finally a silicon cup of fried chicken. A lot of friendly animal faces in today's Bento box!

This is eaten at home so I don't have to worry about adjusting the animal forks to accommodate a closed box!

Oh! And there is a flask full of "lui cha" (herbal soup made up of basil, mint, peanuts, sesame, salt, pepper, bitter herbs, tea and young Jambu leaves).

#2 had a most satisfying tea break!


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