Sunday, September 25, 2011

Magic Pot cooking again!

I've been having a ball with my magic pots!!!

Last week I made some spaghetti sauce.  Usually I would have to simmer the sauce over low fire for a couple of hours.  This time, I tried using the Magic pot!  The results were amazing as always!

This was the sauce before going into the Magic pot!

This was the sauce after 6 hours in the Magic pot.  It tasted even better than cooking over the gas top!

See the delicious Bolognese sauce below!!!

Bento 319

This bento was made last week!  It's got spaghetti and cheese in it.  There are pieces of mango and carrot cake!  Yeah! In a desperate need to feed my child some 'vegetables', I made carrot cake!  Obviously the little girl didn't know it was carrot cake because I didn't divulge any information.  LOL!

The two boxes behind were filled with spaghetti for her friends!  There was a small bottle of enzyme for her.  I have since gone on to buy a small bottle to contain enzyme!


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