Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hello world!

It's been eight months since my last post.  Many of you who have been regular visitors over the last five years must be wondering what happened to this blog.  I wonder too!

A lot have changed since I began blogging in 2007 for the sole purpose of packing lunches and meals for my children.  My two elder daughters who were eating from the bento boxes from On a Bento Frenzy blog has progressed from high school to University students now.

My husband and I are blessed with our youngest daughter who is turning 13 this year and still living with us, regularly providing us the uncommon upheavals of teenage dramas.

I cook a lot less these days because there are only the three of us and our maid in the house (besides the two dogs, two turtles and a school of fish).

Life is a lot more relaxed and orderly (the way I like it).  My middle child has been bugging me to re-start blogging.  "When are you going to start blogging?, Why you not blogging any more?", Mummy! Your blog is dead! Start blogging!" These were some of the intermittent questions posted by my middle child during our Skype conversations.

I was intending to begin a new blog with new interests and new life but decided that it took too much effort! (laughs at self!).  So, I thought that I'd try to re-invent this blog - not a very good idea but it suits me.  The last eight months has seen me go back to my first love - crafting!  Cooking with the "magic pot" has been quite a "magical" experience also.  I've saved a lot of gas with some planning.  I've managed to loose 5kg from some selective and specific meatless meal consumption which seemed a gradual and natural process.  My diet is not completely meatless but at this point of my life I have a preference for more vegetables than the former.  Nonetheless, do not be deceived!  I eat most of what comes my way but in a more discerning manner.

I wake up at 6.15am on school day mornings to pack a break time box for my youngest "baby".  It's her first year at high school.  Canteen food to my children seem unpalatable!  Besides, my baby is a picky eater.  That boils down to the reason why I cannot focus this blog on her meals.  (laughs out louder!).  Any attempt to introduce new food into her diet would result in sulking, moody body language and an array of "l won't eat this" attitude.

I've made some changes to the blog skin of this blog.  Pictures on the banner header depicts my current loves; magic pot cooking, packing meals and craft work.  I cannot promise that I will blog daily but let's see what comes my way.



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