Tuesday, September 23, 2008

BENTO #136

This morning's picture had to be 'doctored' because I was in a hurry, I'm hosting the Mother's prayer for children session in my house. I didn't get to check the photo because everyone was running late. * Big Drama this morning! *

Simple bento today!
Left Bento: More sprouts!! #2 has requested for this everyday! She loves it and is raving about being able to eat it 7 days a week! This morning I fried them with some mushrooms and tomatoes. There is a soft dinner roll filled with egg, tuna mayo and some yellow zucchini.

The other box has a green kiwi, half a banana and an individually packed Japanese sponge cake.

#2 keeps telling me to drop the 'carbo' but I really don't know what else to pack! No rice is fine, but no breads is near impossible! Any ideas??

Back in the home ground, I prepared a large bowl of fruit salad. Forgot to take the picture! I only managed to snap these below just before the mummies arrived.

Below is the two plates of canapes which I prepared this morning for breakfast.

This is rosemary chicken sitting on yellow zucchini and crisp buttered baguette, topped with mayo and a dot of tomato sauce and a dash of freshly ground pepper.

This is a plate of egg, tuna mayo on top of green zucchini and crisp buttered baguette. For some added visual effect, I placed a tomato bit on it!

There was coffee and my favorite Green tea and lots of conversation and fellowship!!
Thank God for another day!


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