Monday, January 19, 2009

BENTO #158

When this morning's Bento was accomplished, there were two things I realized that I had blundered!

First, I have not been planning my Bentos and secondly, today #2 stays back at school for extra curricular activities up to 3.45p.m. which means that this morning's Bento would hardly be sufficient to last her till then.

I cooked lunch and so, put aside some food for her in a Bento box. There is a box of mixed tuna, salad, tomatoes and Basil.

For some proteins and carbo, there is roasted lemon chicken fried in fresh Basil and Oregano, some mango chutney and fried garlic rice. I hope she's hungry enough to eat this when she gets back!

BENTO #157

We had a very busy weekend. Saturday night, hubs and I attended a very close friend, daughter's wedding. The girls were invited to a birthday party but #2 declined to go (she's a little of a home body).

She decided to make pizza for #3 and herself for dinner. This below was the mushroom, oregano and onion pizza for herself.

This one was a fully CHEESE pizza for #3!

Each person had one pizza and obviously they couldn't finish them on their own. I used the left overs for her Bento box this morning!

I heated up the pizza this morning and then cut them up into bite sizes and skewered them for easy eating!

There was yet another raspberry chocolate tart, some kyuri and yellow zucchini and skewered jackfruit.

Meanwhile, my Kenwood is beating in the background some cookie batter and soon I will be making cookies the whole day! Look out for new cookies in tomorrow's Bento!


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