Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sole Piccata

I visited Yvo's site @ The Feisty Foodie and tried a recipe from a competition that she's having for July. When I compared pictures, they didn't look the same!

When my husband saw the fish all 'dressed' individually, he exclaimed "Wah! Fine dining tonight?" I grinned at him and told him to eat up!

I must share with you my husband's eating habits. He's what our local people call a "China man". He has to have rice for dinner or at least once a day. Two days without rice and he'd behave like a bull in a China shop.

When he was in Australia with #1, he was complaining about the food. "No more sausages, burgers, beetroot and fries"!! "We have to walk 45 minutes to the closest shop selling Chinese"! Well it was World Youth Day and they can't possible serve 300,000 portions of Chicken rice! LOL!

My eldest daughter is exactly like the father! They get along like a house on fire. Rice for her is also the order of the day. "Bak kut teh" (Herbal pork ribs) with rice is fine night and day. Anything with rice is good. The Chinese has a name for these type of people - "Fan Thong" (rice pot). She enjoys all other international foods but rice is her staple.

My second daughter is very versatile. She can eat anything under the sun and enjoy it like a real food connoisseur. She can survive with or without rice. Bread all day long is also a good choice. Japanese food 24/7 would be an ideal. Her dream - to own a music school with a Japanese restaurant next door! *faints*

Anyway, when they tried the Sole Piccata this is what each said:

Husband: Very nice but not enough sauce. (I didn't add enough white wine because I thought the kids may not like it).

#1: Mmmmm....very nice mum! But next time leave out the peas. "What peas?" I asked. #2 chipped in "Aikes...they are CAPERS not peas!" "Huh! What's capers?". *faints some more*

Obviously #2 also enjoyed it and she could tell what was the ingredients to the dish too. If you want to try out the recipe, go here.

BENTO #115

Yesterday #2 didn't go to school. She had school projects to complete before she leaves for Korea for a Piano Competition in two weeks time. Not going to school meant no Bento so obviously there was no Bento post yesterday.

I planned this last night so it wasn't much of a hassle. I basically steamed the rice early this morning to make the Onigiri. The Salmon was brought out from the freezer last night and fried this morning. Half of it went to the Onigiri and the other half, I just simmered it in red miso and mirin. It was very flavorful.

On the right box is some simmered Kombu, blanched mushrooms and veggies mixed in garlic oil and shoyu. There was an orange for dessert.


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