Friday, February 6, 2009

Bento 167

It's Friday again! There is no fish today for the bento. I decided on something simple because there is no extra curricular activities today and for the first time this week we can have lunch together.

There is Sawi sauted in garlic and topped with some corn. There was a silicon cup full of preserved figs.

Last night I prepared some macaroni and mushroom white sauce. This white sauce is delicious, packed with mushrooms, cream, milk, salt and pepper. It was easy this morning just to dish them out into the bento box.

An update on my exercise regime. Managed to clock the 2 1/2 km walk after dropping the kids at school. I was tired and was tempted not to walk but I encouraged myself by remembering how good and energetic I felt after walking and with my eyes half closed I pushed myself to walk with hubs.

Hubs has been very supportive and a great source of encouragement. I am baking (frozen) croissants accompanied with chopped shallots with canned mackerel in oil for breakfast. Hubs loves this and as usual there is coffee. Mmmmmm....can smell the wonderful smell of freshly baked bread!


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