Monday, July 30, 2007


Daughter number two loved my first batch of pickles. She cleaned out the bottle and insisted I refill with fresh vegetables.

I used Tarragon vinegar, peppercorns, bay leaves, some cloves and sugar.
It's got a sweet and sour taste which is pleasing to the palette.

I loaded the bottle with kyuri (Japanese cucumbers), carrots and celery.

Another way to eat Oden

Boil some Udon noodles and just add Oden and viola an excellent hearthy dish for a rainy day.


Home made Gyoza. Need to improve on the 'stapling' method and the skin.
Otherwise the taste of the filling is delicious!! Forgot to take photo of the vinegar dip.

Random Bento

The magic of Instant mee! Indomie goreng on the right with a hard boiled egg.

French beans and sausages on the left.

Vegetable cutters
I bought these @ 1U.


My second attempt at Oden. I love Oden and my children and husband enjoyed it at dinner time.
It was left over Oden to bring to school the next day.

Early Bento Box

The left bento contains some vegetables and baby corn garnished with some carrot flowers. I blanched them in hot water and added some fried shallot oil and some soy sauce.

The right bento contains fried rice with egg, garnished with some carrot flowers (tulips) and a baby croissant.

Sick today

I've been sick over the weekend. Down with a running nose and sore throat. Seeing the doctor in the afternoon. I'm going to post some random shots of some of the stuff I've been cooking for my girls to bring to school.

I've not got into the rythmn of regularly taking pictures of what I pack and dating them. But I'm going to do so from today because I'm excited about my blog and I want to see how far I can go with this.


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