Monday, March 17, 2008

Sakura Denbu

Ingredients: cod fish, sugar, glucose, wheat flour, cochinille

Sakura means cherry blossom in Japanese, and the pink color is similar to the color of cherry blossom.

It is made from cooked cod fish which is pounded, dried, and flavored with salt, sugar, soy sauce etc, and finally colored with food red coloring. It is often used in sushi because it makes sushi vivid and beautiful.

Manufactured by Nishimoto trading Co., LTD.
Product of Japan


I've run out of Sakura Denbu for months! It's been out of stock at all the Jusco outlets!! Yeah! I've gone on a rampage search everywhere and today when I was at Mid Valley, the staff at Jusco informed me that they have stopped ordering this.

*Sigh, faints slightly* I love this because it gives the sushi a nice sweet flavor besides making it look good. I'm not giving up yet. Still searching!!


It's been ages since I posted anything on Bento. I acquired this new Thermos Bento from a sale at Parkson. It was on a 20% discount. I thought it was a pretty good deal and very compact. It maintains the heat in the rice thermos for a few hours.

This was #2's lunch today.

From left: Fried Kai Lan, Chicken Katsu with Bulldog sauce and white rice. Put them all in the bag provided and slotted a pair of chopsticks on the top of the bag.

This is how it looks with it's containers stacked in the bag. On the left is a thermal flask to keep hot the food you fill in - it could be soup, rice or stew. There are two other side dish containers that are stacked one on top of the other. It come with a pretty bag and now I'm inclined to cook hot food for #2 to bring to school.

This is how the Thermos bento looks zipped up! Cool eh?


My kids favorite breakfast are pancakes. We love Paddington house of pancakes (PHOP) in One Utama. We've been patronizing this place since it's inception. The outlet at The Curve was the first to open but unfortunately we had some bad experiences with the hygiene of that outlet and we never went back until PHOP opened in One U.

We love all the different pancakes and eat there almost weekly. Unfortunately being quite regular makes one aware of very jarring changes that has been taking place in this place. Firstly, the service is deteriorating - the waiters are always messing up the orders. Their facial expressions are so glum that one would think that they'd be better off working as 'undertakers' and not waiters! Secondly, the chef's sometimes, don't deliver you what is stated on the menu - you have to ask for it! (when you are regular enough, you know what's missing from your order!)

Thirdly, the tables and cutlery are not as clean as they should be. The three girls, or should I say, the two elder girls and I, have, time and again been very irritated with the waiters (who seem to be new, all the time) who keep getting our orders wrong - sometimes, they miss out on one item or they bring us extra drinks we didn't order or something.

I made a point to complain in the comment card that they have but seems like there was no action taken and we noticed that the place was more and more quiet (no customers) every time we were there.

Last weekend, we were there again and were disappointed again. Call us dumb, but we love the variety that PHOP serves there.

I went home and taught #1 how to make basic pancakes. I don't think PHOP deserves another chance at earning our $$$! See! It's so easy!

110 g flour - sieve
2 eggs

Make a well in the middle of the flour and stir in eggs!
Add in 200 ml of milk and 75 ml of water and beat till smooth. Add 2 tablespoons of melted butter and a pinch of salt.

Oil a flat pan . Pour batter into the hot pan and toss over .

Finished!! Butter, Maple syrup and Cinnamon Sugar!! Delicious!!

No hassle and no stress!!


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