Friday, January 15, 2010

Bento 247

Friday classes for #2 is only an hour. Technically there's no need for a bento and that gives me a break. I welcome that, thank you!

But...being passionate as I am about packing bento, I can't stay away. I'm happy packing bento and it gives me a great sense of satisfaction, so I packed one for myself today. *grins widely*

We're normally on a seafood diet on Fridays, so today's bento is basically fried (pepper and salted) sole fish fillet coated in corn flour, beaten egg and pounded cream crackers.

There was a mixed salad in EVOO and lemon juice, salt and pepper, some freezer stock of Ratatouille and baby tomatoes as fillers.

It was quite a hearty meal and I enjoyed my treat! *grins again*

Oh brother!

Ok! So I'm a dud when it comes to photography. I hear people talk about shutter speed, light, settings, exposure, aperture, etc, etc. It makes no sense to me and I'm not interested to know.

In my world, "the simpler the better". I told my husband "please buy me something which I only need to press a button and the process is complete and over". Well, I've learnt over the years that it's not as simple as I wished it to be. *rolls eyes*

This was my first 'personal' camera. It died on me after a couple of years. We got it repaired at the Olympus centre in Hartamas. It finally gave way anyway. The flip lock for the batteries broke and from my unprofessional observation and point of view, it looks like the entire camera frame needs to be replaced. *shakes head*

So, we got this baby. One week later we found that it 'sucks the energy DRY from my poor batteries. It was giving me about a dozen or less pictures everytime I used FULLY charged batteries. I thought at first that my rechargeables were getting old and so I replaced new ones but the result was the same.

The first time it went bonkers (something wrong with the shutters), I got it repaired at the Olympus center and complained to the technician. Guess what! It's a common complaint and that's what you get if you don't know how to ask before you buy! *I felt so smart* (sarcasm meant here).

So, this baby died too at the end of last year.

For a time, I had to try make do with #1's toy. I don't know why she calls it a 'toy' because I'm absolutely NOT amused by it. Neither either by it's weight nor size! Hmmmphhh...couldn't handle the monster.

Too many buttons and issues to deal with.

I finally settled with this little retard. This belongs to #2.

No! Those colorful crystals didn't come with the camera. She bought them and bedazzled the camera. She had to add them one by one - so much patience!

I think I like this little retard because it's really easy to use. Just press 'food' on the menu and snap my bento. No hassle, no problem and no stress! Yippeeee!!!!


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