Monday, August 23, 2010

Bento 301

It'a been a lonnnggggg while since my last post on Bento. Below is a simple lunch for #3.

Clockwise: ABC soup, piping hot rice topped with some sakura denbu (for color) and a box of chicken karaage and lots of grapes. You'll notice there are no vegetables because #3 doesn't eat them!

The "TIGER" flask all ready to go.

Of Birthdays and family

Last week, #3 turned 11 years old. We had a small family celebration in the midst of a everybody's busy schedule. Dad-in-law was in town and brothers-in-law too. Lots of men. (and a Holy man)

Mum and I planned the menu. As usual, mum has the last say and she very quickly eradicated my list of choices. In the end we had a braised duck, prawns and petai sambal, Ginger wine and chicken, braised pork, vegetables, pickled carrots, cucumbers and chillies, braised tongue and a pork bones and arrowroot soup.

My collection of bone china casseroles.

Braised tongue. Had raving reviews for this dish.

Mum braised duck for the first time and it was simply delicious.
A great cook always becomes a greater cook!

Sambal petai and prawns. Yummilcious!!

Dishes served...

"Death by Chocolate" by Just Heavenly.
Happy Birthday baby!


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