Monday, June 30, 2008

BENTO #93 & #94

Last weekend has been back to back with activities. Good thing I planned ahead to purchase strawberries from the Curve. They bring them in from Cameron Highlands and it's cheap. RM11 for three boxes. Only thing is you need to make sure not all the boxes are ripe and ready to eat unless you can finish them in a day or two. I usually tell the stall owner to select some not so ripe ones so that they can keep the week.

#3 was busy going out with Grandma. I didn't have time to discuss her menu with her. What I did was order two sourdough bread from Wilson. He freshly baked them and when I went to collect them I was surprised that he had fashioned one 'plait' style. #3 was with me then, she gave a squeal of surprise and was happy beyond words. In the car, she asked if she could pinch a piece to try. She finished half the plait loaf!

She was very upset this morning to find that #2 and mum had finished the balance half while she was away gallivanting with Grandma. Oopps! I had to spend the morning cajoling her into a better mood.

Finally, we discussed on the spot the contents of her box. It was going to be Sourdough bread and the last balance of tuna. She asked if she could have the 'Mr. Potato crisps' that Grandma bought for her. I had to try maintain her improved mood this morning and I had to respond positively, so I said yes.

#3 was gleaming and was happily helping me to set the Bento boxes for photography. Hmmm...the things we mothers have to undergo with young children. Gosh! I'm just glad she's growing up real fast. Jewel as she is, some mornings she can be a pain for all the wrong reasons!

#3 doesn't eat vegetables or fruits other than apples. In fact she doesn't eat most foods. There is a slight improvement lately but it's still a long and tedious journey. She does like McDonalds fried chicken, fries and junk foods. Personally I don't encourage my kids to patronize the fast food outlets but occasionally, we find ourselves there because of convenience. *sigh*

#2 has a box of fruits galore this morning. I filled the right lower box with some salad leaves, lined them with orange slices and topped with lovely strawberries and longan (all peeled, where can one get so good service?).

In the left upper box, I fried some cocktail sausages and skewered them with the balance salad leaves. This is a treat because we've not had sausages for a long while. Read here to know why.

I added the the last two slices of Brandy laden fruit cake and a heart shaped hard boiled egg. She didn't want Shoyu so there is no sauce bottle.

There is an Oshibori box which I think they both can't do without now. I don't hear any complaints or whining and that's a good sign!

p/s I managed to purchase another few Oshibori boxes from the Curve when I was there.


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