Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cup cake craze!!!

I promise you, this is not going to turn into a cup cake site!! It's just that #1 and I have been so busy doing all these for our BEC elections tomorrow. No! No! I'm not campaigning for any post in the elections with my cup cakes!! It's pot luck and we thought we'd bring cup cakes this time.

This stand can hold 19 cup cakes. There are a couple of extras which will go onto the tray tomorrow. Pictures were taken in a hurry because #3 is sick and I was shuttling between baker and butler duties today!!!

Bento #44

It must be the cup cakes! We've been baking dozens of them and it's made Bento-ing so difficult to crank up! Monday - yesterday, the kids didn't want any Bento. This morning's light and easy bento was just watermelons in the shape of tulips and mushroom and some blanched carrots acting as 'orange leaves'.

Wafu burgers wrapped in sushi rice and some 'pulut tekan' (presssed glutinous rice) and kaya.
#1's God ma made the 'pulut tekan' and gave us a box over the weekend. It's very nice.


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