Thursday, May 22, 2008


There was no Bento yesterday. #2 left the house @ 6.15am, all dolled up ready for the inter-school choir competition. Finally after 5 years of non-existence, they were placed at number 3. Quite an achievement!

Poor kids, they came back at noon to school after the competition and had to sit for two exam papers. #2 said that she was dozing off during History exam...ahem probably trying to hint to me that her grades will be on the downside of the gradient this term. Oh well, come what may, as long as she's studying consistently, I'm acceptable to some drop in performance.

This morning's bento was packed with her 'current' favourites. The top box consists of tuna melt and macaroni, some more almonds and a dessert in the form of candy floss. This candy floss is a melt-in-the-mouth sweet from Turkey. It's a cousin to the Turkish delight. My #2 loves Turkish delight and her favourite is the candy floss.

The bottom box contains raw carrots and some blanched French beans. When she had the French beans a couple of day ago, she got back and requested for more because 'it's so sweet' says she. Added a little tub of Thousand Island salad cream as a dip.

I also added to her stash a frozen bottle of Apple juice as you can see below.


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