Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bento box #1

This was today's lunch box. Rice, sour pork ribs (courtesy of Mum's cooking last night), baby corn and sawi.

On the right is a box of Honey Stars for her breakfast.
Far back is a Japanese rice cracker from 100 Yen shop.

On the left is a pair of recently purchased chopsticks to complete the meal. Enjoy!

Aluminium foil food cups

Oval and round aluminum foil food cups bought from 1U.

Oil Pots

Mini oil pots.

I bought this one from Singapore.
It's fancier and more expensive.

I bought this one at my favourite 100 Yen shop. It's basic but very practical. I use this for oiling my pan when I make tamagoyaki

Pickle box

This is a pickle box used to serve pickles on the table.

Single Tier Bento Box for #3

This box is for daughter number 3. Can hold up to 360 ml.

More Bentos

I think they call this Sakura Bento boxes. Also can be seen sold on the Internet.

As usual, bought this at my favourite
100 Yen shop!! Lol!!

This is how it looks inside.


I attended a talk by a Priest at a local church last night and he was explaining about how marriage is not a profession (some of us think so) but a vocation. It boils down to the LOVE in the relationship.

"When things get tough, remember how you fell in love with each other the first time" he said. "Remember this love story well and keep it in your heart and play it back, it would be what will get you going when things aren't looking good".


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