Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Quick fix lunch!

Sorry there was no Bento post yesterday. Yours truly was coughing the whole night and only slept at 3a.m. By the time it was day break and the alarm rang, yours truly just slept through like a baby.

My poor kids, no Bento yesterday, came home ravenous. I prepared them a decent lunch to make up for oversleeping. They were very sweet, didn't even try to wake mummy up!!

On the top left is Japanese spinach with sesame seed dressing.

Also prepared their all time favourite Tonkatsu! Four of us finished the whole plate. Tonkatsu "Bulldog" sauce was on the side because #1 doesn't like it.

Served the 'evergreen' miso soup with mussels, wakame and abura-age.

Lastly I made a pot of my favourite Oden (eaten with mustard) for dinner, but also served some for lunch. Mmmm...delicious!!

I tried to upload this post last night but it was impossible. The traffic must have been very high at blogger.com because I couldn't upload my photos until this morning.


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