Tuesday, February 17, 2009

In support of a Crisis Shelter for women

I received this e-mail from a friend. Please support a worthy cause. I'll be looking out for their handicraft stuff.

"Rose Virginie Good Shepherd Centre, Ipoh (a crisis shelter for women in pregnancy crisis and women and children experiencing domestic violence) will be setting up a booth at One Utama Shopping Centre from 19 (thursday) to 22 (Sunday) Feb09.

We invite you to support RVGSC in its efforts to promote the Centre so that more women who are in need may be assisted.

RVGSC will be selling its famous London Almond Cookies, Mixed Nuts and Melting Moments. Besides these, there will also be handicraft made by our women in Sabah.

Look out for Homemade Salt Fish Pickle and Homemade Ikan Bilis Sambal.

Pass the word to all your friends... come and support a worthy cause and make a positive difference in the lives of women and children in need.

See you at One Utama! Come and spend the day there....at RVGSC's booth!"

Bento 174

Good news first! I went for my morning walk today after being lazy over the weekend. #1 asked me yesterday if I had gone for my morning walk and I said that I was too tired to do so. She rebuttal me and asked what happened to the "I feel good"?

It is true, I really feel a lot more energetic and so I was determined to walk my 2 1/2 km this morning. It was a brisk sweaty walk. I am looking forward to walking 2 rounds which will make up 5 km. My target is beginning of March.

Back to reality, I packed this for #2 this morning. Blanched French beans and carrots sticks. Home made bread sandwich loaded with lemon and herb roast chicken. It's got lettuce and mayo too.

Kiwi has been missing the scene and has since returned with some splashes of red tomatoes.

#1 has the same except that her sandwich is spread with butter, has wasabi mayo and she goes without the tomatoes.

Hubs and I had coffee and the same sandwich for breakfast, that was the last of the bread. I have a recipe of Focaccia bread proofing in the kitchen now.

You'll probably see Focaccia tomorrow in the bento! LOL!


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