Monday, February 23, 2009

Bento 179

Weekends are busiest for my family. Everyone has something going on, on Saturdays, either a replacement class, an exam, an outing, something or other happening.

Last Saturday was fun because everyone was available except for #1 who had exams in the morning so we scheduled to have lunch in Kuchai Lama. Hahaha! It was intentional because I wanted to visit the 100 Yen store there.

We had a delicious lunch and managed to pick up some necessities from 100 Yen plus have their yummy mango snow ice for dessert.

Anyway, this morning, we had "Chinese Lup Cheong" sandwiches and some very sweet Korean Strawberries.

The other box contained 2 pieces of chocolate cake and some shredded 'bangkuang' aka Jicama, carrots, apples and raisins all tossed in lemon juice and a little honey.

The box below belongs to #1, it's packed with the same food stuff except for the strawberries.

There are some advantages and disadvantages packing in this 3 tier box.

All the food can be separated distinctively without having to use separators or silicon cups but presentation wise, it looks so plain. A couple of picks on the chocolate cake would have brightened up the picture but packing is a pain so I refused to use them.

I would have to force the picks or forks down and the chocolate cake would probably break apart in the process and look all squished when #1 opens the box.


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