Monday, February 16, 2009

Real-life bentos

I've been packing bentos for a year and a half and to-date have posted 173 bento posts and over 400 posts in my blog. I am a big time silent lurker of bento blogs. Sometimes, I also browse for bento pictures posted in Flicker.

I have, since my initiation to bento been enthralled by kyaraben and awed by these kyaraben maestros who seem to be able to turn any picture or vision into a piece of edible art.

Lately, whilst browsing through the local Malaysian bento scene, I've noticed lots of kyaraben bentos. Some very ammature, some improving gradually and some very, very talented.

Back in the home ground, I can only look in awe and salute these mummies. To be honest, I've been tempted to jump on the band wagon to be part of this exciting and enticing company.

But....I have to be practical. I have very little time, a limited budget, a limited selection of food that my children will eat and huge commitment to dish out 2-3 bentos each morning whether I feel like it or not.

When I read this, I felt comforted that there were still people like me who packed "real food" simple and practical with a dash of 'cutesy' where time and flavor allows. *sighs a great relief*

Call me old fashioned, I love the flavors that a bento can offer and I think that a great tasting bento is what I like to settle for.

Welcome to my world!

Vinegared Root vegetables

I made this last night and included some into Bento 173. Simple pickled dish!

Click to play Vinegared Root vegetable
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Bento 173

I did my homework last night and so this morning's bento was a breeze! I boiled a packet of dry Udon and set aside what I needed into the fridge and put the rest into the freezer. The vegetables were also cut last night and I just blanched them in salted hot water this morning.

All I did was assemble everything together and it took me less than 10 minutes to get 2 bentos ready.

#2's bento consisted of some cherry tomatoes, Udon in garlic oil and shoyu and some vinegared root vegetables and abura-age.

In the other box is some blanched cauliflower and broccoli topped with sesame seed dressing and a small box of dried cranberries.

My bento consisted of mostly the same items except that I added some Kimchi. #2 cannot take spicy food and so I didn't pack this for her.


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