Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Daiso - just so you know!

I was at Daiso today to get a replacement for the "magician item" which was 'missing' from it's box when I bought it. They were expecting me and immediately replaced it without questions. If only service from Daiso is so pleasant all the time! Anyway, I'm completely satisfied this time.

They have some new bento boxes, but not many. There are some new accessories such as the not so popular fish sauce bottles, new shapes for onigiri molds, heart and star egg molds, more cookie/veggie cutters, some other non-bento related stuff.

I managed to get some very pretty bento straps. This purchase itself made my trip to Daiso absolutely worth it! Only this morning I was miserably looking at my collection of worn, beaten and soiled bento straps. I was going to rummage my store for the bento straps which I bought from 100 Yen to replace them, but now I can use some of the prettier ones!

Picture below are some of my soiled bento straps, some have even lost it's elasticity!

The new bento strap which I acquired (on the left side of picture) against part of my collection (on right side of picture).

Close up on some bento straps!


Bento 170

A quick lunch bento for #2, sent to school. A colorful mixed salad drenched in her favorite dressing.

A croissant filled with herb Salmon and two pieces of juicy dates from Royal Dates.

There was also a side box (not shown) of chocolate chip cookies just in case this bento wasn't enough to last her for the rest of the afternoon.

I had the same for lunch and it was delicious.

Bento 169

I'm sending lunch to #2 so this morning's bento is light and easy.

In the left box is a nest of Cha Soba and a tupperware of frozen dipping sauce from the freezer. In the right box is a piece of homemade daifuku mochi made last night and some peas. Some carrot flowers for color.

Doesn't the two boxes look like mirror images?

I completed my 2 1/2 km walk this morning. It was a brisk walk and I sweated and felt more energetic after that. "I feel good".


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