Friday, January 14, 2011

More Books! Insanity is setting in...

My husband wanted to get something from One Utama last night but didn't because it was not available.

Instead, #2 and I had a blast of a time picking books to our hearts desires! I bumped into the Popular book store and found that they were relocating and books were going for a ridiculous 70% discount. Newly published books were available at 30% discount.

The prices were so ridiculous that #2 and I couldn't stop ourselves from picking and picking and picking books of our choice.

All these Japanese cooking books were bought at a fraction of their original prices!

Some books for #3.

General interests and specific needs.

#2's choice of books....I think these were 30% off.

More 70% less books!

These were a mix of 30% and 70% discounted books.

I couldn't help myself! I had to buy two of each because the price was just too good a steal to ignore! Perhaps I will plan to give them away or something via my blog. I need more time!!!


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