Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bento 189

Lent is a time for Corporal works of Mercy. Every year, for the last three years, our neighborhood Catholic community and a group of youth from our local parish will visit the Infant Jesus Convent in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

There are about 27 retired nuns at the Convent and their average age is about 76 years old. Seventeen of them have passed on since the first time we visited them. We were told that three were hospitalized when we visited the convent today.

We went to the convent armed with a variety of food and the team of youth presented a hilarious ice-breaker. We had praise and worship, a mime and a dance. Beyond all that, it was wonderful to fellowship with the retired nuns and seeing the youth helping to get food for the immobilized nuns and having long conversations, which was very heart-warming.

I wasn't about to make any bento today because it's Sunday but because we had to rush off to Cheras after Sunday School, I decided to prepare some quick bento.

This was for #3. It's basically spaghetti Alio Oglio, some Tuna croissant and some cut oranges. The salad was a filler and will definitely not be eaten!

These belong to #1 and #2. It's basically the same as above.

An overview shot of all the three bentos.

This is #3's box packed and ready to go.

These are #1 and #2's bentos packed and ready to go too!


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