Friday, February 5, 2010

Bento 261

Friday is usually a no bento day. However, there is a test in the afternoon and tonight #2 joins the HELP Choir to sing at a Haiti benefit in college.

I packed some futomaki for her dinner tonight so she won't need to come back in between the two hour gap. This is a two layer bento box which is ideal for packing makis.

There are four pieces of futomaki in this top box separated by a baran/divider to contain some tamagoyaki/Japanese egg roll. There is a small fish shape shoyu container for #2 to flavor the makis.

The bottom bento box is deeper and thus able to contain more makis. I filled the balance space with three strawberries from Korea.

An aerial view of the bento box.

#2 has been complaining about leaks and I'm trying out other bento boxes and cutting back on 'wet' food. This is how the bento box looks like after snapping it's sides to lock up.

This bento is for dinner and it's about five hours away. To maintain some freshness, I added two cold packs and wrapped it up with an insulated Furoshiki (below)

I spent 2 hours trying to upload this post. Something wrong with blogger today!!!


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