Wednesday, October 3, 2007


You have probably noticed that my recent posts were short and Bentos were 'simple' without much effort or cooking.

I've been tip-toe-ing on thin ice lately. Monday morning, PMR commenced and #2 declared that she only wanted one layer of Bento. "I can manage that, sure!" I packed a usual Bento for #1.

When I went to pick her up after her BM papers at 11.55p.m., she came running into the car and started crying! Ouch!! She refused to respond and asked to be left alone. She refused all forms of bribery including ice-cream and Japanese food. She flinched when I tried to hold her hands! I was very hurt! Not because she flinched but because she was feeling hurt. I decided to keep quiet and drove straight home. My husband came home almost immediately when I told him what had happened.

With swollen eyes she told her dad that she was okay and locked her room door again. Hubs said she'd be okay and left for work again. I didn't see her until dinner time. It was a very quiet dinner.

She was going though some notes when I got downstairs to prepare the Bentos. "Mum, I only want fruits today." (She didn't have much dinner last night). She refused all food offered for breakfast...I was upset but I kept silent. I kept reminding myself that the 'dumb' exams were causing her stress and she had lost her appetite.

In the end, she left her fruit Bento at home and down-ed two Onigiri for breakfast when I was busy packing her sister's Bento. I only realized it when I got home and saw the container had one Onigiri left instead of three.

I picked her up at 1.10p.m. and her spirits seemed to be more jovial. Easy papers she quipped. She'd just finished English paper 1 and 2 and Science paper 1. I felt a lot happier seeing her smile. She was ready for PHOP (Paddington's House of Pancakes) in 1U.

She decided to order something new, loaded with ice-cream and fruits. Not something I enjoyed but she seemed to enjoy it, that was important because it put her in a better mood. Food always put her in a good mood.

While she was back to school to sit for her second Science paper, I had to take #1 for lunch at Italiannies. I was stuffed and almost had pasta and tomatoes spewing out of my nose and ears!!
Conclusion: Exam period is bad for health, both physical and mental!

"Mum, I don't want any food tomorrow," she said before she went to sleep last night. We had a simple western meal last night and she finished all her food. I noticed that her appetite was better.

I picked her up at 11.55a.m. this morning and rushed home to send #3 to school. Today's paper was Maths and I think it must have been a breeze because she was talking non-stop! She was her usual self. In the car she decided she wanted to have Japanese food for lunch before going back at 2.15p.m. for the History paper.

When we got home to send #3 to school, she was still trying to finish some homework. #2 was hurrying #3 and there was some cross-fire! #2 came charging downstairs and declared that it was too late to go for lunch and that I should send her back to school. She is very sensitive to #3 and they are often at logger heads. Sigh!

There was only a ten minute delay and #2 was all frazzled. I just rounded them both into the car and dropped #3 off to school. #2 face was still black when we reached the Japanese restaurant and made our orders.

When her meal came, she looked at me and said "Ma, saik" (read in Cantonese, meaning "Mum, eat") and as she ate, her mood improved and started chatting with me. She updated me on the papers she had sat for and for the upcoming ones tomorrow and Friday. After we ate, we spent another half an hour at the restaurant with her running through her work sheets.

I sent her back to school and picked her up at 3.30p.m. and she was still smiling. Good sign. She seemed happy with the History paper, which happens to be her worst subject.

I'm looking forward to the end of PMR because right now, I have to be extra sensitive to all the kids and try to manage them without stressing any of them out or allowing them to stress each other out. Otherwise, when one or the other gets stressed then all hell will break loose.

#1 is also having her exams. The Bento came back half finished so I need to check if it's the food or she's starting to loose her appetite because of exam stress. Sigh!

#3 exams start tomorrow, this one is cool as a cucumber. Everyday just talking about Christmas and presents. *shakes head in despair*

Note: Hubs and I don't pressure our children to score straight A's. We are happy that they average their results. If the A's fall in, we're ecstatic otherwise B's are still acceptable. We want them to enjoy their school life like we did and go through a well rounded and exposed study, social and spiritual journey.

As a result we have three different characters in our children.
#1 - happy go lucky, I'll deal with whatever comes my way attitude.
#2 - perfectionist to the extent of 'kiasu', want to excel in everything attitude.
#3 - happy go lucky, the sky can come down for all I care attitude.

All I can do is get on my knees and pray harder for better days to come?!!
*shakes head again*

Bento #38

#2 is getting #1 to help her with some last minute revision on her Maths.

I'm waiting to send #2 to school that's why I have some time in my hands to upload a new post so early.

I made a batch of Japanese potato salad yesterday and packed a blob into the bento box. There were fruits as usual, honey stars and two mini croissants.

Swift and easy bento!!


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