Monday, October 22, 2012

My little crisis!

Face palm!  It's been five months since my last post.  Seeing the progress I've reached with bento-ing since the one I bento-ed for left for further studies hasn't exactly been much of a inspiration!  Wah! That line was an awkward one. Lol!

I had tried to re-bento after my second daughter left for the UK to do her degree in Music.  I tried packing for #3, but to really "bento" was impossible.  She was too fussy and selective in her choices.  Obviously the types of food she preferred was narrowed down to two fists full in terms of numbers.  She would be happy with just chocolate chip cookies and tuna sandwiches the entire school term.  Drives me crazy just making them!

#1 graduated in July, began working in August and since then, I've been up at 6.15am every morning to pack sandwiches for the two of them.  Nope!  I have not taken any pictures of the sandwiches.  I'm always half asleep while packing their sandwiches.  After seven weeks of "creating" sandwiches I have run out of ideas.  How many types of sandwiches can one make?  #1 doesn't want a regular box or tupperware so I use a foldable sandwich box.  She says it takes up too much space and is bulky, but she still wants the sandwiches.

So I've made sandwiches filled with:
Peanut butter and jam, kaya, tuna, nuggets, sausages, ham, roast chicken, beef slices, eggs cooked in all ways - fried, mashed, scrambled and hardboiled.  The sandwiches are usually filled with salad, "no cheese please", mustard, onions, mayonnaise, tomato sauce (ketchup) and sometimes on the side, accompanied by some fruits or biscuits.

Sometimes #3 gets the same thing and other times, her regular menu!  I am cracking my head at what else I can use to make these sandwiches.  #1 said "please don't pack anything else mum!" "only sandwiches".  So sandwiches, it's been!  Aggrrhhh!  The life of a mother!


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