Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Some Eye candy and more rambling!

#2 brought back lots of food stuff and souvenirs from Korea. This is a pack of caramelized sugar mixed with delicious grains, nuts and seeds. There was flavored seaweed, rice cakes, candies, Korean noodles, everything except Kim Chee!

#2 said that Miss Mezzaforte (her music teacher) told her not to buy from Seoul because it's more expensive than buying from a Korean outlet in Sri Hartamas. So, no Kim Chee for mummy. Mummy has to buy her own Kim Chee.

She made many friends from the competition and has lots of beautiful memories. This was an amazing exposure for her.

This guy got the Gold award! Awesome!


I copied a post #1 did on #2's competition.

"The sister flew to Korea last week for a piano competition.
Honestly, the family and I weren't expecting much, 'cept for her to gain experience.

Few days into the trip when mom called her, she went on and on ranting about how the 10 and 12 year old Indonesian kids could play well and what not. Mom and I made this bet with dad that she would come back a changed woman. She'd forget her quaintly planned music career and become a scientist of some sort. Yeah. And we bet on it with freaking German pork knuckles (which my hairdresser introduced to us, btw).

Today was the big day. The competition day. It was THE day.

Mom tried calling her the whole day but only managed to get her answering machine.

Mom was like "aiyo. Habis la. Dunno what happened already. Aiyo. She off her phone la. Aiyo how la..." *moans groan boans and every sighing in every language*

Suddenly, there was a message.


Congrats laaaaa..

Omgosh. =_= wasted all the aiyos.

Like she said, all glory goes to God who has blessed her/us so abundantly.

Anyway Sis, I lost the bet. *bah


Oh and if you think we're proud of the sister, think twice.

There's more than just us who're proud of her. There's a whole lot of us. :)

The baby's growing up. :)

Ps: I think the fact that a whole bunch of priests coming over to our house for the annual or semi-annual luncheon brought all the grace and blessings of change. :)"


This picture, I took from my garden. Didn't even realize that the tree was fruiting until I saw jambu all over the path leading to the garage!


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