Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Yesterday, #2 made a statement! "I think I'm going to be sick! Why? I asked. Because I've not had Japanese food for sooo...... loooonnggggggg!! (about ten days) I think I'm going to be sick, she says again!"

#1 rebutted. Yeah!! That's because Grandma has been around and cooking Chinese as usual. *Guilty* I tilt my head a little lower and give them a grin because I know I've not been cooking. I've been at camp and in training with the Youth group.

This morning, #2 moaned again. "I'm getting more sick today. If we don't eat Japanese today I'll just start to melt away. Okay, we'll have Japanese for lunch before the training begins at 2pm, I reply."

#1 said: Hey! Aunty Jen said that there's a shop selling great "Pan Mien" in Sunway Damansara (#2 and I love Pan Mien). Okay, then let's go and eat "Pan Mien" I say. Oh! NO! We don't! says #1! If you two decide to eat "Pan Mien", I will get sick and melt too!

Hey! So what about me? I asked! Doesn't my vote count? Both said that I could eat either and that both of them would be sick if I decided on "Pan Mien" so we ended eating Japanese.

After lunch we went for the youth training and both were very contented! No wonder #2 in her blog states that 'Some people eat to live, I live to eat'.


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