Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bento 207 & 208

#3's bento box

#3 insisted that I posted her bento today. Most days, I don't, because I feel that hers is not really 'bento worthy' to be posted. I relented today because she's trying something new and hope this post encourages her to try different food or cooking methods.

#3 stays back for dancing classes today at school so she gets a double box. There is spaghetti Aglio Olio mixed with kewpie mayo for lunch time.

I chose not to give her a two tier box because it's still a little challenging for my 10 year old to handle opening and re-stacking the bento box.

Then there is some Chipsmore extra chocolate chips biscuits and the 'new' fruit salad. It's basically made of cut bananas, mangoes, oranges, grapes and orange juice. The orange juice flavors the fruits and keeps it from browning.

#2's bento box

#2 gets a grilled chicken salad today. It's just different types of vegetables which I can find in my fridge, all chopped up and tossed in salad cream. I grilled a piece of marinated chicken (pepper and salt) breast this morning and sliced it up and tossed it together with the salad.

I bought some mini cakes from the "Cake Sense" outlet at Taman Megah and cut up three quarters of the pumpkin raisin cake to completely fill the bento box. They come in three flavors, chocolate, orange and pumpkin raisin. They are square and come in individual foil cups. Surprisingly, they are quite delicious. All three flavors are good, my personal favorite is the orange one.

This fruit salad varies, depending on the fruits I have in the fridge. I would have liked to add some apples for the 'crunch' but I ran out. It's a simple and refreshing fruit compote.


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