Monday, October 13, 2008

Everything you need to know about MISO!

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This is a very educational article on MISO. There is information about the various types of Miso and it's uses, it's storage and cooking methods. There are even some simple recipes.


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Win a free handbag from Handbag Planet!

I've been so busy the last week even though I've not been required to pack Bentos! #2 is officially on study leave from school because of the PMR examinations.

Currently #1 is having her exams and #3 started her final year end exams today. #2 only goes back to school on Thursday. Normally exams are not a big thing in this household but this time round we're also planning and organizing my mum's 80th birthday so it's a little chaotic!

My two elder girls are a great help and are involved in planning the guests list, invitation cards, the menu, entertainment, the birthday cake and a whole load of customary guidelines to follow. Even #3 is excited because she gets to belt out a popular ABBA number from the latest movie favorite Mamma Mia.

Thus, when H sent me an e-mail for a chance to win a free handbag from Handbag Planet, I was surprised and at the same time delighted! Thank you H! All I had to do was to provide my name and e-mail address. Cool!
When I entered for a chance at the competition, I was randomly assigned this particular model. Handbag Planet allows the participant to select a different design bag but I didn't exercise that option because I like this one very much. Simple, classic lines - suits me perfectly!

There are no strings attached and it's a great opportunity for you to get a free handbag!! Why don't you treat yourself for a chance to win a handbag? You never know!! Good luck!!


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