Monday, January 4, 2010

Bento 240

Happy New Year everyone! It's been an overdrive of camps, short trips and an overload of activities and caroling. All in all, it's been tiring but exhilarating!

I think it's been almost three months since my last bento post. Sorry people, end year activities needed critical attention and erratic exam schedules pushed bento packing to the bottom on the priority list.

But...I'm back and this is my first bento for 2010!
It's basically blanched broccoli and carrots with a drizzled top of sesame seed dressing. Today's main meal is a roasted chicken and ham sandwich in a cluster of rollo rosa.

Both meats were leftovers from Christmas. #2 was sweet to help me cut up all the roasted chicken shreds and a small block of pineapple ham. Mixed them together with some Kewpie mayo and pepper and viola a delicious gourmet spread.


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