Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Another busy day

In the midst of shuttling the children to and fro school, I completed my grocery shopping and my Bento purchases. Jusco stocks up most Japanese ingredients. Today I made Oden again. I love Oden and because lately it's been raining more the reason to eat Oden. Soupy hot and delicious. A friend of mine who's married to a Japanese visited my blog and told me that my Oden looked a little too dark and recommended that I use light soy sauce instead. I'll do that the next time I cook Oden - soon I hope. Thanks Alice!!

When I got to my favourite 100 Yen shop in Puchong this afternoon I was delightfully surprised because they brought in loads of new stock. Picked up lots of useful Bento related stuff. Wiped the shelves off the Bento belts, the wiener (cocktail sausage) molds and furoshiki (cloth to tie the Bento). It was an exciting and satisfying trip despite the jam. Have to re-pack my cupboard again to find space for the newly acquired stuff.

Bento #2

This morning's Bento looks too yellow/brown. Still sick so didn't have time to get some fresh food supplies. Probably have to do so today.

On the left is YCK (Yau char koay) courtesy of Mum - she made Bak kut teh last night for dinner and bought about 10 pcs of YCK from the seller at Chow Yang, SS2 -very famous stall for YCK. Didn't have vegetables that the children liked so I simply opened a can of corn.

On the right Bento box is spaghetti Olio e Aglio (Olive oil and garlic). My children love this basic and plain. Added some fishballs, carrot and tomato for color.


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