Sunday, February 27, 2011

Last weekend at JLSM

This was my last class with JLSM which took place last weekend. I've got a hectic two months ahead and have requested for a break. Green Tea Tiramisu and Oden!

I might resume in May when my commitments ease a little. It's really an enjoyable teaching experience at JLSM. All the participants are adults who attend Japanese Language lessons there on a regular basis. The staff are very polite and helpful and allow me to do what I love best - cook! The best thing of all is, I don't have to wash! LOL!

Busy weekend with the kids

Saturday saw #3 and I at 19 Culinary Studio in Damansara Heights attending a bread "baking" session!

I read a short article in the newspaper on Friday about baking bread. I mentioned it to #3 and she got all excited and insisted that we should attend.

We did and we learnt to "bake" frozen breads. It was delicious and really crusty. I believe they take the frozen breads from Hiestand. They look exactly the same from the ones I order from a nearby bakery.

Delicious Croissont

Thawed pastries from the freezer

Baked and ready after 18 minutes

#3 and I enjoyed an array of freshly baked breads and pastries

On Sunday, #2 and #3 spent the morning with me at a fund raiser at Church. I sold American Breakfast again! Raised a tidy sum for the ministry!

#2 helped at the Smoothie store. One of her friends brought his mothers Vitamix. Worked like magic! #2 raved about it's "powerful motor" and amazing speed!

#3 was busy playing 'assistant' to a professional make up artist doing tattoos using an airbrush spray gun.

We all had lots of 'bonding time' and fun as we spent our money and time for a good cause!


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