Friday, November 7, 2008

BENTO #148

#2 is sitting for 3 exam papers today, tomorrow is Saturday and the exam continues. Studying at 3.00a.m. seems like the norm. I'm fast asleep, I only notice her eye-bags and the increase sniffles (sinus attack) from lack of sleep.

Friday's lunch is normally fish. In the left Bento box is a slice of fried Norwegian Salmon cut into half length wise to take up minimal space in the box. There is a bed of salt blanched broccoli florets fried with garlic and topped with cheese. I added some Wonka Nerds for a treat. (actually to try to keep her awake)

In the right Bento box is some spaghetti aglio olio nests topped with some freshly ground black pepper and tomato ricotta cheese sauce.

Forgot to add the bottle of frozen orange juice when I took this picture.

Restlessness and nervousness!

I EAT when I'm restless or nervous. My stress meter is riding high and nervousness plague me, especially when it involves the affairs of the heart. This weekend marks the celebration of my mother's 80th birthday.

Food to feed my nerves

My 2 girls, hubs and I have been planning and working hard towards this event to make it another memorable event for mum and as the day grows closer I seem to suddenly remember that I've missed some one else from the invitation list or something for the occasion!! Thankfully, friends do not take offense and gracefully accept the last minute invitations *phew* otherwise I'd have a lot of explaining to do!

#1 & #2 hand made these invitation cards

Perhaps it's just that mum is so 'perfect' that makes me nervous this way. Don't get me wrong, we get along fine and our relationship 'rocks' most of the time, although when it does hit rock bottom we have this love-hate relationship which usually takes a day or two to heal!

It's just that it's difficult to keep up with her and she's so hard to measure up to! Hahaha! I'm spilling my heart here! Sometimes it's really difficult to please mum because she's independent, independent and too independent!

At 80, she's still scooting around in her car, travels alone where ever and when ever she feels like it, eats for the sheer love of food without having to think about cholesterol level or weight gain. At 80, she can still cook up a storm and makes absolutely delicious cookies and even meddles with new recipes! *awesomeness* At 80, she entertains herself with Tai Chi, mahjong, breakfasts with her 'kaki' (friends), goes to the hairdresser 3 times a week to keep herself pretty and makes new clothes once a month to refresh her wardrobe, uses Channel No 5 to keep herself smelling like a million dollars, takes short holidays and regularly attends Church to nourish her soul.

This awesome 'young lady' is friends with everyone! When my daughters and I began working on her birthday guest list, they asked if we should invite the lady from the market who sells vegetables, the fish monger and her family and the pork seller who is liken to an artist in his trade.

There was also the electrician and the plumber, the Doctor, the Tai Chi friends, the hairdresser, the mahjong 'kaki', the 'sin seh' from the medical hall up the road and the list just continued. We had a good laugh because that's what represents their grandmother. A friend to everyone!

This is a woman with a wealth of experience, recipes, stories and a heart full of LOVE (sometimes fiery too)! She's the first to call to wish us Happy Birthday, the first to give Ang Pow, always there at the first sight of trouble, the first to initiate a party to celebrate my daughters birthdays, completely unconditional and the list goes on......!!

So much to measure up to......*sigh*

We've planned a pleasant surprise for her and that's where the nerves come in. Will it be good enough? Will she enjoy what's been planned? So many questions *sweat, sweat*. Personally, I think she'll just enjoy whatever that has been planned, it's just me, I feel she deserves the BEST.... but nothing seems to be good enough.....


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