Thursday, August 14, 2008

BENTO #122

Occasionally, I visit SaladTalk.Com for ideas on low calorie meals. I liked this recipe "Warm Chicken Salad with Mango on Baby Arugula", it looked easy enough. I didn't have Tandoori chicken as recommended by SaladTalk.Com so I used some left over roasted duck which we had for dinner yesterday. I also dropped the cashew nuts because I didn't have time to roast my raw stock.

So with a little improvisation, I present to you "Duck
Salad with Mango on Baby Arugula". It turned out pretty good, in fact there was a delicious fragrant mango taste in the strong pepperish flavor of the Arugula a.k.a. Rocket.

#2 is 'drowning' in her sinus attack and didn't go to school today. I shared this bento with her. The Kiwi slices and Persimmon was for her and the Duck salad was mine! *smacks lips*

This will be the last bento for the week. Tomorrow I'll be off to a camp and there won't be any posts till Monday. Will be busy as a bee! Take care and I hope you view "Smilebox" recipes and try them out!!



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