Sunday, July 29, 2007

...and then I bought another two...

Clikety Click Bento box by Lube sheep purchased from 100 Yen shop @ RM4.90.
Can be seen sold on the internet for USD 8-10.
Top tier can hold 330 ml, bottom tier can hold 250 ml.

Top tier under the transparent cover allows you to hold your fork and spoon or chopsticks, otherwise you can also put small snacks like seaweed or some m&ms.
The bottom layer is smaller than the top one thus you can stack it inside the top layer when you've finished with your food. Then you get a half size bento to bring home.

Swiped all the bento straps off the shelf of the 100 Yen shop.

There weren't many left so I bought them all.

The inside of the Bento box. Each layer has a cover on it's own.

Puti Fresh going Bananas, also can be purchased
on the internet for USD 8-10.

I bought in 100 Yen shop for RM4.90.


Sue Sue said...

Is there any 100 Yen shop here at 1U. Where you get ah if you don't mind to tell me. Found some in Jusco and price range around RM39.90 - RM99.90 but not as cute as yours. I am going to grab as much as I can if there is a 100 Yen shop here.hahaha...

Bento Pet said...

sue sue

There is also one in SS2, same row as McDonalds. But this one is not as big and doesn't have as much stuff as the one in Puchong.

Happy 'grabbing'!! Lol!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just went to the 100 Yen in SS2, not much selection for the Bento . Can you pls tell me where is the Puchong 100 Yen shop? Thanks!

Deana E said...

wow..nice collection of bento..


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