Thursday, August 2, 2007

Experimenting on wiener (cocktail sausages)

I experimented with the wiener (cocktail sausages) molds today. It was quite challenging because I didn't have the cocktail ones, only had the regular long ones in the freezer.

If you look from the top of the plate clockwise, you can see the regular "scored" sausage. In front is the "octopus" shape sausage and further in front is the crab shape sausage. Further clockwise of the "crab" is the 'tulip" shape sausage.

These are the molds that shaped the sausages.

Clockwise the
pink one is the crab mold, the yellow one is the tulip, the red one in front is the octopus and the yellow on the left is to 'score' (cut) the sausage.

Real cool stuff!!! Had lots of fun trying them out and my two elder girls were
delighted!! We finished them all for lunch.

BTW behind the molds is my favourite cup which contains my favourite green tea!!

A close up on the 'crab'.

1 comment:

Sue Sue said...

Bento Pet,
Emmm interesting. I have not used mine yet. Got to experiment with it soon.


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