Monday, August 20, 2007

Fancy Sushi

I made fancy sushi for lunch today. Occasionally, I would surprise the children with some fancy sushi. This requires a lot of time and skill.

This one I made is considered simple. My 'sifu' from PJ Hilton 'rolled' a Japanese word - it was awesome!

I used sakura denbu for the color of the peach blossom.

I had to first roll the five 'petals' and then re-roll all the five 'petals' on another nori spread with white rice.


Cutie said...

Wow... Sushi is definitely something I don't know how to make. I need to learn from you. Good job!!!

Bento Pet said...

cutie: Thank you! Your cakes are lovely! I bake but I don't do icing. Sushi is my forte, anytime! Check in and ask anytime.

Sue Sue said...

This is nice. Sushi with a flower in it. Really need a lot of time to do.

Bento Pet said...

sue sue: there are so many other designs that will just overwhelm you if you see them.

Really fancy!

Anggie's journel said...

thumb up for u la.. what a nice fancy sushi.

Bento Pet said...

anggie: thank you, thank you!


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