Thursday, August 16, 2007

Japanese Restaurant promotion

My daughters and I go to this Japanese restaurant very regularly for lunch because it's fairly cheap and the food quality is edible.

They do not have a Japanese chef (all local chefs) but the food is of a decent standard except for the cawan mushi. They tend to overcook it and it's hard and sometimes the texture looks like honeycomb. Dn 2 says that the recipe is just not right. And in her opinion, her mother (yours truly) makes it much, much better. HeHe! Other than that it's ambiance and design is nice and the toilet is also very clean and (lol!) cosy.

Dn 2 and I were there for lunch today and I had their Bento while Dn 2 had their Raw fish salad. The Bento had a piece of Saba shioyaki, tempura prawn, brinjal, pumpkin and beans, There were about 8 slices of sashimi and some salad.
Each set meal came with a bowl of rice, cawan mushi, miso soup, pickles and fruits. The bill was just under RM40/=.

They are having promotion from today for one month - 20% off Ala carte items. I think it's ridiculously cheap so I thought I'd share this information with the local people staying around PJ.
The name of the restaurant is: "Onsen". It is situated at Lot: B-G01, Block B Jalan Persiaran Surian, Palm Spring @ Damansara.
Kota Damansara. Tel: 7801 5366.

If you know where the Chinese restaurant, Damansara Palace is, Onsen is on the same row.
I don't think the restaurant owner or it's staff know that I'm blogging about them or it's promotions. I thought it was too good a deal to keep to myself. Happy eating!

Sorry the pictures turned out 'yellow'. I was a little embarrassed to take the photos so it was a 'quick shot'. I have to learn to take food pictures in public and not be shy about it. Yeah! This will be one of my new year's resolution.


Sue Sue said...

Bento Pet,
Me too same as you at first shy to take pic in the public but now get used to it d. Especially with my boss they keep asking y I took so much food pic and I will always tell them I save it in my web album. Cannot tell them is for my blog afterwards they find out, I kena goreng sotong.

Bento Pet said...

Lol!! Actually I ask my Dn 2 to take the photo first but she very vigorously shake her head and said - you want mah, you take lah!

What man! Mother give instruction also don't want to carry out, so I have to 'curi-curi' take a fast one lah. Feel so 'pai seh' man!

ling239 said...

i know this place !! but never been thr though... may pay them a visit soon ~ cheers ^_^

Bento Pet said...

Promotion is for one month only. Try lah, not bad the food.

Tracy Tan said...

i used to be shy about taking photos. now i don't care :) the only thing david won't let me do is to have the flash on so sometimes my photos are a bit dark. i guess we can always edit them later.

it's worse taking pictures in china - when I whip out the camera, everyone stares at me. i once kena marah by this guy waving his shaving knife at me!

Bento Pet said...

Tracy: HaHaHa! My daughter also said: Mum, don't use the flash! Aiyoh! I only know how to press the button on the camera, how do i know how to stop the flash light?

Just 'tembak' only lah! I also feel 'pai seh' that someone would stop me from taking photos.

If Dn 1 is there then it's okay coz she's forever taking pictures of herself with her hand phone. I''m sure she'd accommodate. Lol!


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